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Seems like a guy we'd want to stay at apple... he certainly has stage charisma, understands his products and how to make people interested in them. He absolutely sold siri to me when I watched the keynote. He's been a part of some very impressive things at apple, and like steve jobs said- the good ideas have to win. his ideas have become awesome products... especially with ios5. Given the natural selection type of battle he had to fight within apple, I'd say he's got...
It's kind of cool that we all get to choose our heroes, and it's amazing what inspiration can do to change even one other person's thinking if even for a short time. Steve changed our society in ways we as a species won't really understand until we can digest it from afar with enough time to have passed to wipe it clean of emotion and see it for what it was, and connect the dots... kinda like steve said . But the sad thing about losing a hero is, indeed, the lack of...
I haven't felt this sad since carl sagan passed. god speed Steve. Thanks for everything.
This is the same idiot who downgraded apple. http://blogs.wsj.com/marketbeat/2011...ngraded-apple/ He is still employed? I guess there's no performance expectations in his firm.
Well... I knew you were going to say that. And frankly, that's an intellectually bankrupt reply that just goes to showcase how little you understand of the situation.. But seems like you are ok with that. ah well.. Why learn about a subject, right ? Shrug... Smarter people are on the case so have fun with your opinion.
it's not actually 2.5%.. it's .575%. Since you don't really know much about the subject I'm not really going to try and discuss it with you. You are held back by some misplaced sense of fairness or righteousness. I assure you, it's very misplaced in this particular instance of patent law. Read Lodys website- their FAQ. Then read a patent lawyer's blog called fossblog- in particular, all of the lodsys tagged articles. Then you should have a good handle on the facts of the...
in addition- I hope this gives appseterdam/Mike Lee ammo to take lodsys down. For those that aren't in the know- Mike Lee is a developer who is starting a legal defense team with a patent lawyer, Michael McCoy, to take on Lodsys. http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/20...ent-trolls.ars
sorry- you are wrong. just by the virtue of their tactic of threatening expensive litigation vs their small % of sales via settlement puts them directly in the line of fire of this precedent. Also- that's in addition to Lodsys being a non-practicing entity. I think you need to read that smack down of a judgement again. And learn more about patent law, and how the term patent troll came to be. You are severely misunderstanding the whole situation.
awesome Also -good news- http://www.techdirt.com/articles/201...t-offers.shtml Hopefully this will be the start of a lot of fighting back.
All this is well and good... But content delivery is soon to be a major issue with data caps and whatnot being thrust upon the consumer. Something is going to have to give soon.
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