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Well- IMO it sucks to put yourself completely on the line- only to find your hopes dashed. I think it's best to be honorable winners, put the partisan crap aside, and move on to making everything in the world better. It's certainly nice to see that there is a balance, and hopefully worhtwhile agendas are not deadlocked for the next two years. Here's to better times . And may the Republicans take heed and move onto a better era. I remember when the Dems lost their ass two...
That's true. But you said you were stuffing mailboxes. :shrug:
Actually- putting anything in someone's mailbox is a violation of Law. http://www.gao.gov/archive/1997/gg97085.pdf
Hi all- first post here I just wanted to contribute my thoughts to the subject. Back in December of 02 my family and I found out my little brother was being shipped by the ARMY to Iraq- to war. It was a very tough Christmas to be sure. Come March of 03 my brother was outside of Basrah watching bombs with explosions the size of skyscrapers rock the city, and it wasn't until about June of 04 that he came home. In that time, mail wasn't being delivered for the first 6 to 8...
New Posts  All Forums: