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the bullshit is so thick here I'd have to look at the gov's high school like debt debate to find thicker.
anonymous currently has a an #oppaypal going- and aside from repeatedly hacking them- they are now taking the legal front and trying to motivate a boycott. I'd stay away from them... I mean, if I were a client.
not really. look at smartguy's post for intelligence. look at yours for utter lackness of such. want me to keep going or do you concede your :retardednes: feel good yet? patsy much in your bitterness? or is it all feel good moronic all day?
bitter much?
Honestly- that is the most intelligent approach to patents I have ever come across. You really exemplify your handle in that post.
I don;t care apple is on the end of this stick.. I think this is probably the best anti-troll (not saying apple is a troll by any means) strategy. Bring about an all out attack on their patent portfolios invalidating all that you can while making them succumb to legal costs for once.
Ad hominem attack deleted - JLAdhominem aside- I still was right. -MRR
In this day and age, googlesuck aside, i'd rather see a group win patents vs one company. awesome outcome. another aside- anyone notice itunes and mac app store are not working right now. I kind of hope it's because lion is being released !!
NY post failing utterly to survive in 3...2...1... later morons. no one cares anyways. happy phailing!
The main take away for Sony should be the impending doom apple is about to throw over them. I'm kind of doubting Airplay Mirroring will be entirely up to snuff, but given how much apple has concentrated on graphical improvement in the A5 chip- I think once apple TV and subsequent generations of Ipads come out air- wirelessly airplaying video games to your big screen for the cost of an iPhone you'd already have, a TV you'd probably already have, and a $99 AppleTV it's a no...
New Posts  All Forums: