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I have yet to see google handle anything legally with any competency... google TV, cloud, etc. So I would expect android devs to get pwn3d more than they already are.
Not to mention- they didn't even design the patent in question- they bought it. Given Apple's legal response- there is no doubt they are going to countersue Lodsys. Did Google ever even respond?
how crazy is it to have a grandfathered unlimited plan at this point?
Yea- they dress to steal billions
and then apple fires off the existing link on it's site. 10 seconds of work Al Franken could have done himself.
the fact that you are intentionally installing a program, regardless of entering a password, should mean the risk is still low.
I've been to that store. Do you guys have any idea how diverse it is in there at all times? There is every ethnicity on the planet walking through there daily, and I would go so far as to say often times caucasians are the minority. If it was truly racism then there'd be no problem irrefutably establishing a pattern of racism. IMO- this is bs. sorry- but I think a race card is being purposely played for a pay out, and it's a shame because it makes people take real racism...
agreed. this guy basically just twisted her into a windows approach and it is guaranteed that some genius out there in the future will be solving this puzzle unless she ends up living with it (doubtful).
a baby is someone who goes to an apple oriented board and says stupid shit to an audience that will not be able to help themselves in replying to your idiocy you somehow believe is intelligent thought. Then you attain super baby status with your mock poutrage over your dumb ass post getting deleted. why not go somewhere on the internet where you can fit in?
obviously, apple should not defend developers on every issue. But, clearly, this is one of those issues where apple should extend their legal resources in all it's might to the developers. Not only because this is bullshit, but because this is an attempt to set a legal precedent that will open a flood of patent troll lawsuits on ios developers. You know- the ones who make money to take away in lawsuits. The chilling effect on development, not to mention the major legal...
New Posts  All Forums: