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This deal goes a long way in showing what a fool balmer is. IT defies words. you can't even defend how stupid he was. It's so stupid on so many levels it is going to redefine the word ballmer as a term to convey the utmost depths of moronic waste of resources. WTF was he thinking and why didn't anyone stop him? I mean holy fucking shit.
Um.. for 1B I'll make a better than skype client! could they even possibly overpay anymore?
I think they'd stick to apple strategy historically and go with 150' ...well above typical dive depths for even advanced divers.
yup I want my tag along device to look like it holds tampons on a saturday night out.sheesh alive... why not make it into a fanny pack?sad ass bs....
[QUOTE=jeffreytgilbert;1854759] ps3 > apple tv s1 > ipad 2 amazon cloud player > itunes dlna > airtunes and home sharing android honeycomb > iOS for iPad/QUOTE] You must have missed every memo of all time That lil list plays like a who's who of subpar apple competitors. Say what you will about apple- they didn't get summarily ass pwn3d all month by hackers like Sony.
some explanation-http://tinyurl.com/PSNpwnag3Rumour
I am pretty sure it's covered under the 4th amendment when it comes to authorities. Private companies are a different beast. That dude isn't coming back until he finds a better article on finance.google AAPL page
fixed.Dude- if they ever get their PSN up..hackers utterly pwn3d the fuk out of it. It's been down since the 20th with zero ETA for restoring the service. I can't wait for mainstream media to finally pick that story up. any day now...
Of course you will. It's completely self serving. God forbid you did a bit more research outside of a news article that shock and awed you with presentation. Btw- I didn't call you feeble.. I asked if you were. I think you are getting lost in trying to cop out of talking tech by acting offended. but it sounds like you pull the mockrage hysterical card at the drop of a hat anyways. So- you aren't talking about consolidated.db. Your concern is anonymous information collected...
New Posts  All Forums: