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but when the 8.5 was just a rumor in the other thread people tried to frame it like it was a proper valuation based on getting skype subscribers. HAHA.. what kind of brain drain do you need to fall susceptible to just to think that was the value of skype users? it's not monopoly money. All this does is help wipe out MSFT cash holdings with zero ROI. I'll venture to say they will never make anywhere near a small percentage of 8.5B for the duration of MSFTs existence. Mark...
This deal goes a long way in showing what a fool balmer is. IT defies words. you can't even defend how stupid he was. It's so stupid on so many levels it is going to redefine the word ballmer as a term to convey the utmost depths of moronic waste of resources. WTF was he thinking and why didn't anyone stop him? I mean holy fucking shit.
Um.. for 1B I'll make a better than skype client! could they even possibly overpay anymore?
I think they'd stick to apple strategy historically and go with 150' ...well above typical dive depths for even advanced divers.
yup I want my tag along device to look like it holds tampons on a saturday night out.sheesh alive... why not make it into a fanny pack?sad ass bs....
[QUOTE=jeffreytgilbert;1854759] ps3 > apple tv s1 > ipad 2 amazon cloud player > itunes dlna > airtunes and home sharing android honeycomb > iOS for iPad/QUOTE] You must have missed every memo of all time That lil list plays like a who's who of subpar apple competitors. Say what you will about apple- they didn't get summarily ass pwn3d all month by hackers like Sony.
some explanation-http://tinyurl.com/PSNpwnag3Rumour
I am pretty sure it's covered under the 4th amendment when it comes to authorities. Private companies are a different beast. That dude isn't coming back until he finds a better article on finance.google AAPL page
fixed.Dude- if they ever get their PSN up..hackers utterly pwn3d the fuk out of it. It's been down since the 20th with zero ETA for restoring the service. I can't wait for mainstream media to finally pick that story up. any day now...
New Posts  All Forums: