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Of course you will. It's completely self serving. God forbid you did a bit more research outside of a news article that shock and awed you with presentation. Btw- I didn't call you feeble.. I asked if you were. I think you are getting lost in trying to cop out of talking tech by acting offended. but it sounds like you pull the mockrage hysterical card at the drop of a hat anyways. So- you aren't talking about consolidated.db. Your concern is anonymous information collected...
slurs? lol. ooo kay. did your feeble mind fall apart and you lose your intellectual bearings when I said an honest observation not even directed at you personally? If you understood the technological concession I was talking about- it wouldn't be a pathetic self-contradiction. It only seems so to you due to your magazine article assisted understanding. And of course my life is vapid- I do nothing to propel humanity to a higher level. Of course, I make small contributions...
no. what's your point?
Oh the one where it says apple only sends data out of various sorts if you turn on location services? But it certainly doesn't send out consolidated.db... the reason for this mockrage. The only point he could make is about iAds.. but even then he could opt out. But since he is so against using web services based on location (apparently) he need not fear. But if he did- he could opt out of that too. Don't get me wrong- I don't agree with being trackable and all kinds of...
Bahhh Bahhh says the sheep.
Other than the lack of a link in post #25... I'm not sure wtf you are talking about.
Don't you realize that every nerd and his mom has already sniffed traffic going in/out of iPhones? The information in the DB doesn't leave the device other than when it is backed up to a computer. So apple is not collecting it.
People might be possibly holding out due to the proximity of the typical launch date of the next gen iPhone.... I know I am even thou I have need for a 2nd iPhone.
iBooks for OSX plz. with Lion would be fine.
There's quite some distance between iceland and the US... it wouldn't be feasible for the type of services they presumably plan to serve. That is why they are building DCs in more than one location so they can serve various regions based on proximity.As an aside- I think that's where wikileaks moved to tho!
New Posts  All Forums: