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Every time earnings rolls around so do the usual attention whores... Greenpeace- check! still waiting on Consumer Reports...
what's the latest on apple's cash position? is it 60B yet ?
Best buy is the most ghetto fucked up places to witness the lower half of humanity outside of walmart.
I was with my cousin and sister at 111 minnna and Frank showed up. since we were deep into libations at this point we decided to take Frank with us into a cab to the fairmont hotel bar and get him drunk. he is one bizarre fellow. I even interviewed him on my iPhone. I'm considering advertising my company on his picket sign. good times
This fail failed before it even started. and not for nothing, but it's hard to figure out which fail is harder- gamestops impending one, or most of the posters responses in here.
But I did. And I have mad reading comprehension. You come off mentally challenged as it is.... Poor guy..
So you can't read? Sorry fool.. Your mom needs you to come upstairs and take out the garbage. Scoot along...
um... I'm not about to read the entire agreements of this BS.. but given what the OP outlined, and what you outlined.. I think you missed the real takeaway... apple clearly outlines reasonable expectations while protecting themselves. Amazon is basically saying they don;t even secure anything and if it gets stolen by hackers it isn't on them along with having a metric.. that any user that actually uses their services more than an average will get booted... pfft! that shit...
Shameful shit
As someone who likes to party like a rockstar on st patty's day.. This was seriously insensitive timing on apple's part. At least I can nurse my Irish flu with my iPad 2 in bed the next morning.
New Posts  All Forums: