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It's all down to your morals really. I personally wouldn't as leopard is cheap enough for what you get. Also an OS is a major thing and you don't know if that torrent might have problems.
Was just thinking it would be good if you could setup spaces to be triggered by each of the four corners. At the moment you can trigger spaces (birds eye) to do this from any corner but why can't you have each of the four standard spaces set to each separate corner to jump to that space directly! Hope you understood that poor explanation.
Yeah I just found this the other day thanks. It works for now except changes your itunes shuffling to albums too. I still think apple should have a way to set it separately for the ipod and the itunes library. heres hoping they add that next time. jon
yeah but the problem with that is that it just selects the first 10 albums or so in my library alphabetically, where I want it selected from all of the library randomly. cheers, jon
Hi, I have never been able to create the right smart playlist for syncing to my ipod. What I want is to have a random selection of complete albums sync to my ipod. I have only ever been able to either sync a random selection of individual songs or create a smart playlist of albums of a particular letter ('A' for example). Has anyone figured out the best way to do this? thanks, Jon
Sorry you are correct those model aren't the same price. However my main point about adding an extra A$70 on to the price over here compared to in the US still stands true.
I just wanted to bring to peoples attention since there are many people pissed off with having just paid too much for their iphone that here in Australia the new ipod touch will be priced A$70 more than in the US while the ipod Classic will be priced the same as the US. In the US the top of the line touch and classic are the same price but not here. Why because we don't have the iphone yet so they think we can be milked for the extra money and certainly not because of...
I live in Sydney and i use vodafone, in my experience it has great coverage. It doesn't bother that telstra or optus don't want it as long as vodafone or 3 take to it. Though I am worried about the data plans like you mentioned, hope it is like in America but doubt it. On the bright side of it not coming out here for another year well least they will have got rid of any teething problems by then, also might have improvements by then:3g and more memory.
that is exactly what i was looking for, must have missed it but knew it was somewhere. thanks.
thanks for the detailed guide. however know about the settings and they are set to F9 F10 etc they do work when you hold down fn key (function) and F9 or 10. on my macbook pro there is a marking on the F9 F10 keys i think to do with contrast or ilumination and therefore that seems to override and be the primary use for the F9 F10 keys. must be way around it. F11 F12 are fine they are not marked with anything though.
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