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When apple entered the phone space they knew nothing about cell phones. So tell me why are you writing nonsense.
The late Mr.Jobs talked about a company should be focused and "saying no is a good thing".I'm beginning to think that Google needs to focus more.
You nailed it
I agree with you, I will never signed up for facebook as well .
Thank you.I could not have said it any better.
Cant wait for the console killer from apple.
go to application folder > iwork's 09 if you think you want to revert
I just hope this comings WWDC they announce a SDK FOR APPLE TV .
They are waiting on apple to release something awesome @WWDC to inspire them.
Are you guys blind this ad is like me take a story of a great write and say "the end". In the App Store their are many apps for that . This add is just another art of the Korean copying skills.
New Posts  All Forums: