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And gotten Ron Paul. Whether that would have been a good thing would be a whole other topic.
Though Michelle Bachmann is a bat-shit nut-job, I don't think her glue sniffer rantings had anything to do with it. The dude was just a bitter, bible toting clinger.
"A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits."
We know that we have the best government money can buy. We also know that those who pay for government get what they pay for. All we need to do now is buy the government we want rather than the one that bankers and industrialists want. I highly recommend this crap-your-pants Bill Moyers interview with William K. Black... Someone finally exposes this swindle for what it is. I am so sick of these damn bankers making all of us believe it is about that sub-prime borrowers. It...
It's like picking peanuts out of shit. While we wait for the truth, the Palins parade their fuck-ups on a weekly, almost daily level. It's not the media either. They are like those noisy neighbors that you would want to burn their home down with them in it.
I'll leave that to George Carlin, Crom bless his soul. Oh wait, he was a comEdian, forget it.
Empty, except for your bullshit. Come on trumptman. Only you are distracted by teh pretty pictures, not us. You fill your replies with wind, big, BIG wind. Pictures are just the needle needed to pop them balloons.It's actually good to see fresh log ins here. Though I don't think it will keep me sticking around, we'll see...
Though it may be another wrecking ball for the ruination of this forum, there's nothing wrong with that. I just think their anger is being directed in the wrong direction. Mine is now focused like a laser to the bankers. They should all be arrested, tried and hung by their balls for their crimes and deception. Fuck the Boomers, fuck Bush and Cheney (for now anyway) and fuck Obama. The bankers should be first in line for major ass-kicking. They are an equal opportunity scam...
"Agree to disagree"Meanwhile...
Edward R. Murrow 1958
New Posts  All Forums: