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ASUS RT-N16 with Tomato firmware (I use Toastman builds).  http://tomatousb.org/   I just looked at my uptime and it's over 105 days...  I had to unplug the router 105 days ago to move furniture around.  This thing is rock solid and hasn't ever given me issues.
If you've got the Dropbox app, it will automatically upload phone pictures. That way you don't need to use iTunes to grab your pictures and you can stop using it on your computer altogether. You can also access pictures you've put into your Dropbox on your phone. Or at least I think that's what you're trying to do.
Well then, that makes sense. Carry on!
May I ask why you need an SSD for the external storage? If you're just storing random files and media, a hard drive would be much more cost effective and give you a lot more storage capacity. Most of the benefits of an SSD are realized when you put the OS and programs on it, not so much your media files unless you are dealing with a ton of raw photos or videos. Of course, in that case you'd need a LOT more storage so even then you'd probably just want a good hard...
To stop Windows from automatically rebooting when it blue screens, do the following.  Of course, this is in English--I assume the translation will be pretty straightforward.   -Open up the start menu, right click "Computer" and select "Properties" -In the bar on the left side of the window that pops up, click "Advanced system settings" -Click the "Advanced" tab at the top -Under "Startup and Recovery" click "Settings" -Under "System failure" uncheck the box...
There are products out there to do exactly that.  The Optibay is one of them: http://www.mcetech.com/optibay/
In my experience, it really doesn't matter. Get memory from a well-known manufacturer that meets the specs your computer can use. Personally, I've used G.Skill in several computers and like it. You can find good prices on it and customer support seems to be good. Most people claim certain brands of memory suck because they got one dead stick of RAM at some point and get pissed off about it. Dead RAM is not an uncommon thing and manufacturers will replace it.
I do know that at least in the past the amount of supported RAM was due to hardware limitations. The first MBP could only handle 2GB, the second only 3GB and the third version 4GB tops. This had nothing to do with Apple's support and everything to do with hardware that you couldn't change. It may be a similar situation, meaning you'd just be wasting money.
Boot into verbose mode by holding Cmd-V when you start the computer up. Hopefully you'll be able to see where it's hanging (if it's even getting that far).
I'm curious, what computer did you swap the drive into?
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