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Boot camp isn't very explicit about removing the boot camp partition. It looks like it's going to have you install Windows again, but keep going forward until you get to the partitioning screen. The program will ask you to download drivers and everything before you get to this point, so just continue forward skipping the driver download. You'll get to a screen titled "Select Task" where you can choose to create or remove a Boot Camp Partition. Select that and it should...
Just a thought here, but every so often an account pops up saying that OpenDNS is god, bumping the thread. All of these accounts all have one post and no activity other than that post. Could someone from OpenDNS be doing this to push their own DNS service?
I'd say the easiest and fastest way would be to get a FW800 cable, boot your old computer in Target Disk mode (hold T at boot) then use migration assistant to pull over what you want.EDIT: Or the fastest way would be for me to read the whole post. Personally I'd still probably do the above, but swap in the new SSD and do a clean install of Lion on it first.
You can remove Windows partitions through Boot Camp Assistant also. Use that no nondestructively return your hard drive to what it was before. That way you don't have to copy anything back and forth and you don't lose your data. Of course, back everything up as a precaution though.
http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB...co=MTY3ODQ5OTY Go nuts.
VGA to S-Video/RCA: http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2 VGA to Component (6ft linked, they have lengths from 6 inches to 50 feet): http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2 Just look around on that site until you find what you need. The prices are great, the quality is very good, and their selection of cables is amazing. I think you'll have the best luck going through VGA since composite and component are both analog signals. If you can...
Pretty much yes. You'll have to set it up to do what you ant the first time you run it and I'm not exactly sure how it handles old versions of files, but it should work just fine for what you're using it for.
I don't know why so may people here get so bent out of shape with the mention of any other computer manufacturer and/or Windows. Windows will run in Boot Camp very well and it'll suit your needs just fine. If you wanted to down the road, you could install VMWare Fusion or Parallels and set those to run off the Boot Camp drive which is really handy (lets you play around in Windows without a reboot). That would also maintain the ability to use Boot Camp to boot into...
I noticed that my backups were taking forever to start and finish, at least at first. It was probably a result of my cat attacking the power cord to my backup drive... I really want to kill him sometimes. Anyway, I don't know of a way to prevent the computer from going to sleep based solely on TM (I would think that TM would prevent the computer from going to sleep anyway), but you could use Caffeine (the program, it's in the App Store for free) to make sure your...
I don't know about Time Machine with multiple disks, but I do know that Carbon Copy Cloner can do this. You can even set it to archive old versions and schedule it to automatically run whenever the drive is plugged in.
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