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Why are you dragging files into your root folder? You really don't want to mess around in the root directory. Permissions are set automatically to reflect that.
Whiat kind of files and what were you doing when you lost them?
Hard drives/SSDs are user replaceable now. Get a hard drive with your computer, wait a few months and get a new SSD. You'll save money by not using the Apple factory upgrade in the first place, you can get a newer, better performing drive, and you can look around at reviews and be picky about what you get.
...You don't need that program. Fire up Disk Utility and click New Image. All of the options for changing the size and encryption of the image are right there.EDIT: Though I don't know of a way to open up encrypted .dmg files on a Windows PC.
Right. 10.6.5 --> 10.6.6 uses the update, going from previous versions uses the combo update.
Apple posts them on the support site. Example: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1343
Try it again without any programs running and let it run through to completion. You did quit iTunes right? Or did you just close the window?
I'd say upgrading the internal drive's probably your best bet. There are even 3GB drives on the market now, so take a look at those too. An external for Time Machine is a good idea too, the bigger the better. In general, RAID 0 is a bad idea. Not needing redundancy is one thing, but purposefully making your external drive MORE prone to failure is pretty stupid in my book.
OK, I gotta get to bed, but I'll post this for you to chew on and for other people to correct me on. OK, here's the quick rundown on RAID from someone who's never dealt with it personally and doesn't know everything there is to know about it. RAID is NOT a backup solution. If you delete a file from a RAID volume, it's gone on all of the disks involved in that volume. There's no protection against accidentally deleting or modifying a file at all (which I think would be...
One final question: How much space do you want on this volume anyway?
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