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Thanks for the suggestions. I just tried CocoView X, and while I do like it for the most part, I can't seem to find a way to resize anything... Trying GraphicConverter now, will report back. Wow, GraphicConverter's really what I'm looking for.
I'm looking for a basic image editor for OSX, not unlike Irfanview for XP. I want it to be able to open and save to a bunch of file types and I want it to perform basic actions like resize and crop. Essentially I want a straightforward picture manipulation program. And no, I don't like iPhoto much at all. And no, I really don't feel like throwing down the money for Photoshop. Honestly, I want Irfanview for OSX... it does everything I'd ever want it to do in an...
I have had very good luck with Western Digital MyBooks. Available in USB only, USB/FW400 and USB/FW400/FW800. Come in a variety of sizes too. Then again, I'm not sure if they're small enough for your purposes. They are reliable hard drives though.
Get a card reader, then you can do everything that you just listed.
TinkerTool Nice little utility that enables a bunch of hidden preferences including: Finder Dock Applications And some other stuff Carbon Copy Cloner Good backup software. Allows you to create bootable backups so if anything ever goes wrong, simply boot from your backup then clone it back to your drive. Very simple to use, but has many options to back up what you need how you want it.
Well, past the time limit the program won't run. You'd still be able to boot in to Windows though. Actually, to resize partitions and the such, you don't really need Boot Camp. Honestly, the only thing that I have seen that you really NEED from boot camp is the driver CD, and even then most of the drivers can be found elsewhere.
Is there any way to play audio from the line-in jack through the speakers? Really I was trying to do this in Windows to no avail, but I realized I couldn't do it in OSX either.
Here's a better question: would it be worth the tiny tiny performance boost by buying an SATA hard drive AND an $80 controller card?
I don't think SATA was even out at that point... I may be wrong though.
New Posts  All Forums: