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Here's a better question: would it be worth the tiny tiny performance boost by buying an SATA hard drive AND an $80 controller card?
I don't think SATA was even out at that point... I may be wrong though.
No shutdowns since the update on my roommate's computer. I'd say you're good in that department.
Gah, skimmed over that one line...
I think the Upravlator would be a lot more useful for a graphics designer. Look it up, it's cool and it probably won't cost nearly as much as the Optimus Keyboard. The Mini Three can be pretty cool too, even if it is a little pricey for the size. And the title is very misleading. This isn't an Apple product at all.
I believe in stead of writing a pagefile on the hard drive, it writes it on the thumb drive. Not a very big performance boost.
And if your copy of Windows isn't SP2, you'll need to slipstream it.
I was running under the assumption that he didn't want to spend $50. And it does slow down reading/writing files under XP a little bit... or so I've heard.
I've always had good luck with CCC, very straightforward and does exactly what it's supposed to. You may be able to add it to the list of things not to copy. Go to preferences then advanced options. It should be fairly straightforward from there. Honestly, I don't know what exactly the file is, so I'm not sure if it would be safe to delete or not. I'd leave it on your system. I would suggest excluding it from the backup, then go back and manually copy it to the...
If you want Windows to read it, FAT is your only option, really.
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