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If you hook the drive up to a computer along with another larger drive and clone it, why wouldn't it work? Unless they only allow the thing to address 40 GB of space...
How long until someone installs inux on one...? It would be a cheap box to experiment on...
Probably the most complex way to do it would be to rename a folder with a period in front of it, like ".stuff". OSX recognises these folders as hidden, so you can't see them in Finder. The only easy way to get to it would be to either have Finder show all hidden files or to manually type in the location of the folder in the "Go to folder..." menu item in Finder. The problem is that OSX won't let you, so you have to do it through the Terminal and you have to learn some...
I can't really see this happening without using an external CD drive.... something that Jobs won't do.
It's possible, and I can think of only one game worth playing... STARCRAFT
I think the extra 128 MB of video RAM would help extend its life more than the extra CPU speed. What exactly are you going to be using this for?
I second the MyBook. 250 GB with USB and Firewire from a company that I trust... can't beat it. I think they are available Just don't get anything that puts 2 hard drives together in a RAID array if you want safety.
Apple has a nasty habit of not making any definite announcements. Your guess is as good as mine.
Just by looking at the dimensions, you can't fit 2 in there. :P
The Basics HDD it meant to be jsut that... a basic HDD. It's one drive. Personally I've had bad experiences with Maxtor though, not exactly the epitome of reliability IMHO.
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