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Wait, two drives to go into one enclosure, or 2 separate enclosures to mirror each other (or to just have one as a backup?)? Sorry, your wording's a bit vague.
How many drives are you planning on using and what kind of RAID setup are you going to use? Firewire 800 is going to be quite a bit faster than USB 2.0 but not as fast as eSATA if that's an option on your computer. There are Expresscard eSATA adapters if your computer has a slot for them (Macbook Pro? What kind of computer do you have?). I doubt one is going to be significantly faster than the other. It'll mainly depend on what drives you use and how you set them up...
What are you using this drive for anyway? Occasional backup? Mobile storage? This'll kinda dictate what kind of drive you should be looking at. Even firewire 400's going to be faster than USB, so there is a speed benefit. Also, a firewire connection will easily handle the power required by an external 2.5" drive, so no extra power cables are needed if you want to go the portable drive route. Extra power may be needed for portable USB drives, meaning you need an extra...
From what I understand, the firmware's the main functional difference between the two. Video card manufacturers (Asus, MSI, Powercolor, etc.) can tweak the actual hardware on the graphics cards even if they use the same graphics chipset by changing memory type/speed/amount and clock speeds on the cards. I'm just saying that two cards with the same chipset usually won't have the same specifications. I'd say don't worry about the minute differences in hardware as long as...
Typically OSX installs are non-case sensitive from the factory. I'd pick that... It's less of a pain in the ass at times. Erase and install's the one you want.
Personally I take the "best of both worlds" approach. Install Windows under Boot Camp, try it out. If you find it too annoying, install Parallels to work off of your Boot Camp partition. That way you can try the free solution for a while to see if you can live with it, then if you decide you don't like it you can install Parallels to virtualize the Windows installation while retaining the ability to boot into Windows natively for full 3D performance. You also have...
Should just be in the Start menu under Programs.
Apple won't sell 10.5, but there's this thing called Ebay. It's in low demand and should be reasonably cheap. As far as I know, 10.5 will run on it fine, you may want more RAM though. I'm honestly not sure about new programs requiring Intel, to my understanding the majority of OSX programs are packaged in fat binaries that include both PPC and Intel code.
Have you thought about upgrading OSX? It would be very cheap to buy 10.5 nowadays.
Any new keyboard is going to work on a Mac. The Windows key gets mapped to Command. The question is if you'll be able to learn the function keys and remember which ones control volume and other OSX features.
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