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Core Duo here, that may be why.
The quick answer: No idea. The complex solution: Buy a Mac Pro with low end processors, buy your own Quad Cores and then install those. Mac Pros make it really hard to get to the processors though and it WOULD be expensive...
I don't see it... I really don't know what exactly you're talking about though. OSX does use "faint translucent horizontal lines" in many places though...
It sounds like a driver issue. Search for drivers directly from Intel for the video and from... Sigmatel? for the audio. It wouldn't hurt to have more up-to-date drivers anyway. What kind of video are you trying to watch anyway? If it isn't drivers, it might be bad codecs or just a bad video player. Try VLC.
I'm just curious as to when someone will grab one of these things and find a way to install Linux or OSX on it. It seems to have all the hardware needed for a functioning computer... I guess the lack of a CD drive is the one major thing that would make it hard though.
As long as they are both the same type (pin count) you can. BUT it will run at the slower speed, so there really is no point unless you plan on completely revamping your memory.
Try Omega drivers for the video card, it may help a bit. Bad shadows does sound a bit odd though... As for the rest of your issues, I'm really not sure.
From my experience at my local Mac store, I think that the Geniuses look down on all of us. Don't get me wrong, they know their stuff and they can fix things, but they can be very judgemental and they don't really care about anything you say. Example: I took in my MBP because I have a grainy screen. The genius "didn't see" it even though I clearly pointed it out to him, and even went so far as to blame in on pressure on the screen or the filters used on the screen. I...
Man I remember KidPix, I wish there was something like it out there too. The dynamite... classic!
No problems from my PNY 1 gig... Got it on sale for $80 at Best Buy.
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