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404'd! But I don't think it really matters that much. As long at it's not NTFS you'll be able to read and write (for the most part) and I'm sure it isn't since you can write to the thing. It sounds to me like either a hardware issue somewhere along the way (bad USB controller?) or a bad system file somewhere.
Hook them up to another computer and check the drives.
He's bitter beacause he doesn't get any action.
Read the thread... he used a bullshit complaint generator.
"The drive will also add about $600 to the cost of a notebook. Those prices will crimp sales, Handy said." I think it would be hard to convince myself to spend that much more money on such a small drive. Sure it's a good product, but prices are too high and capacities too low to be practical.
"buy the 160G/10K RPM Raptor hdd ghost on your OSX on this hdd and it will smoke!!!!!" Case and point.
What is your deal with the porn?Really the best thing about 3rd party is that there is some insurance that neither person will try to screw the other one... It would help get rid of some doubt that is usually associated with mailing almost $1000 across the country.
There are a bunch of 3rd party sercices that will do stuff like this. Each person sends his part to whoever/whatever they're going through and they are both sent from there. A pretty decent way of ensuring that something isn't a scam. Unless the third party itself is a scam...
I think he needed the sarcasm tags.
Heh, apparently I was too late. Oh well.
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