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Sure you should format it Journaled.... but the (meaning when you format the hdd, use the "journaled" option) really doesn't refer to anything you just said.I get what you're trying to say: Buy a fast hard drive, copy OSX to it and boot from that, but damn, you need to work on your English skills.
Heh, throw 2 of thise in a RAID 0 array and fill 'em up. Ouch.I just had another though though. Think of the read/write times for something with that kind of platter density.
Interestng... When this idea is refined enough, think of what they could do with tiny hard drives that have practical capacities. It'll be damn expensive though, and by that time, solid state drives (which, aside from capacity, have many more advantages) will be widely accepted, so it probably won't see too much use.
The 15" is less than half a pound heavier than a regular MacBook... Oh it's sooo much heavier and harder to lug around.
You know, I was just wondering the same thing....
As for the backpack, I'd say the 15" fits in most reasonably sized backpacks. Just be sure to look into laptop backpacks that offer a bit of protection.
I thought the 17" was too big to be practical to carry around. I carry my 15" around every class day and I can't complain about it. Of course, this is coming from a guy that had a 15" laptop that was about 10 lbs. before this. This thing is light as a feather compared to that thing... But think about the size of the bag that you're going to need to carry the computer. The 17" is going to need a huge backpack.
Back in my day, we didn't HAVE that option. :P
I just doubled my memory to 2 gigs on my Macbook Pro.
$30/month American.
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