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I just doubled my memory to 2 gigs on my Macbook Pro.
$30/month American.
It depends on the server that you're downloading from. You can have the fastest connection in the world, but it won't make a difference if you're downloading from slow servers.
It was an official release, just do a search for "new windows theme" or something. It should pop up somewhere.
There was a new theme released a while back. I personally like the newer one (the bottom).
Heyo! 6M up, 6M down. God I love my dorm.
That is the milion dollar question... but everyone seems too turned off by the fact that it's only 4200 RPM. What they don't realize that there MIGHT be less power consumption because of the slower rotational speed and it would probably be faster than, say, a 120GB 5400 RPM drive. The seek times will be longer though. I have no idea what exactly is faster than what though, and I'm not about to shell out hundreds of dollars to benchmark a bunch of different hard...
Drive speed is not the only thing that determines exctly how fast a drive is. Platter density is a big factor too. Let me guess: the 17" has a higher capacity than the 15"?
GamePad Companion. Free to try, something like $10 or $15 to get a license.
That's a bit misleading. It'll work but you have to set them up manually... which defeats the purpose of bluetooth in the first place.
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