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I figured that much, but the more watts are supplied, the more current you're going to get. Since power is directly related to the current (P=IV), the current would increase with the power output. I just didn't think the computer was designed to take so much current and something might burn out (for the Not-Pro anyway). Thanks guys.
If you're willing to drop the extra few dollars, look in to the Logitech Z-2300. Sound great and worth every penny. I found mine for $100 shipped, but I guess that's on the upper end of what you want to spend. EDIT: D'oh! I completely overlooked the line where you said that you'd already grabbed some new speakers... Oh well.
If you were to use an 85 watt adapter with a MacBook (or a 60 watt with a Pro), would it hurt the computer? I searched around a bit and couldn't find anything.
The title seems a bit misleading... I thought it was going to be a security leak, not a water leak...
Another vote for Booq here, I love my backpack.
Uhh... guys, the power adapter is not identical at all... I'd say the Pro's is about 50% bigger. Non-pro is 65W pro is 85W.
One way to do it is to boot from the install CD, then partition the drive from the disk utility on the CD.
Let's try this: Would there be any reason whatsoever to change the dimensions or interface of the drive between MacBook Pro models?
Would it be possible to get one of the faster double layer DVD drives put in my Core Duo Macbook Pro, and if so, how much would it cost?
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