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So were you ever able to boot into OSX in that configuration? It's not really clear in your post whether you were using OSX and it just stopped working or if OSX never worked in that configuration in the first place.
Uh, what? Have you seen the videos and actually read the reports of what's happening? Don't get me wrong, I don't think it'll be too much of an issue. Back up your data often (which you should be doing anyway) and keep using your computer normally. If something happens, Apple will cover it.
So you're telling him to spend $300-$500 for a solution he doesn't need. Wow. On the PC, right click the folder or folders you want to share. Enable sharing and read/write access for everyone. Right click your wireless (or wired?) adapter that you're using for the network and find out the computer's IP address. Back to the Mac now. Right click your Finder icon and select "Connect to Server..." Type in "smb:////" replacing the...
Hasn't Apple been fixing these for free regardless of Applecare coverage anyway?
I'm not really familiar with their requirements... Do they require you to have a functional OSX install on the machine? I'd be more careful with my data and just securely wipe the drive is that isn't an issue.
This might be your only option: http://compare.ebay.com/search/gtx+285+mac
Forward delete: press the function key and delete To highlight stuff with the keyboard: shift and the arrow keys. If I want to just highlight one word quickly, I usually just double click it though. Triple click highlights the entire paragraph.
Would you guys just stop feeding him excuses to spew bullshit?
Everyone here needs to step back and learn how to recognize a troll when you see one. Take a look at Tauron's post history. Almost every post is in the Genius Bar section just telling people to drop everything MS related and saying how Macs are the greatest thing ever. Really, if I was an admin I'd just permaban him for spreading misinformation to people who are legitimately asking for help and may not know any better.
The files are hidden in Windows too.
New Posts  All Forums: