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You can't check the hardware on one mac through another. I'd say take it in to a store somewhere and see what they say.
First off, don't listen to anyting Tauron says. WD makes a good drive, you really can't go wrong with any of the consumer line-- Green, Blue, or Black. Personally I'd go for Green as it's quieter and a bit less power hungry than the other two, but if you want more speed go for the Black version. For a balance, go Blue. I also like Seagate, but they've been having a few firmware issues as of late.
Windows 7 runs just fine on a Mac, either in Boot Camp or under VMWare. There isn't an issue with the registry, Tauron's just a douchebag. Check his post history.
I don't really know what exactly you'd need to do to fix it (short of a clean install and trying again)... I can say that I have Windows 7 installed on Boot Camp and running through VMWare though.... They do play nice. Just make sure you install the 64-bit boot camp drivers and set up VMWare to treat it like Windows Server 2008 x64.
If you're really concerned about security, you can overwrite the entire drive with 0s and 1s. To do this, pop in your install disc and click the Utilities menu on the top menu bar. Open up Disk Utility. Click your hard drive, go to the Erase menu, and click the Security Options button. There you can choose to overwrite the drive for extra security. Usually one pass is enough, but you can choose something like 35 if you're overly paranoid (and have several hours to...
Is the drive formatted FAT of NTFS? Either way, you'll be able to read the files form the drive. If it's FAT, a few harmless hidden files may be created (I wouldn't worry about them). If it's NTFS, the drive won't be altered at all. OSX can't write to NTFS partitions, so the data can't be changed.
Not really, Time Machine is designed to keep a track of your files over time... which means it takes up more space than a typical backup. Go grab Carbon Copy Cloner and just image your entire drive to your backup.
Not XP x64. If it were me, I'd grab Vista Ultimate x64.
I don't think it'll be possible unless the speakers can take a digital or optical signal.
Same deal here. :-/
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