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Did you backup the original installation before you did this?
I'm afraid I can't allow you to do that, Dave. ...I'm sorry, I read that and I thought 2001: A Space Odyssey immediately.
Crack open your computer and swap out the drives, then grab an external 2.5" enclosure. Boot off the external drive, download Carbon Copy Cloner or some other backup utility, format the new drive as Mac OSX Extended (Journaled), then copy your OSX partition from the original drive onto the new drive. You should have a working internal drive now... Reboot onto your new drive and run the Boot Camp Assistant to set up the new Windows partition. Next use this nifty trick...
Considering they JUST updated it, go for it.
Wouldn't either computer be able to outup 1080p? Framerates might be crap, but if you're just messing around in OSX it might not be that much of an issue. I know I've done it in XP on my 15".
Is the new multi-touch trackpad the same size as the older trackpads? If so, do you think there'd be any way to put a newer trackpad into an older computer and make it work? Might be a good investment if possible...
OK, let's try this. I need some way (script?) to load an application on boot without using the Login Items list (since this doesn't seem t be working for me...). Suggestions?
Ok, so for some reason the Gamepad Companion daemon has decided to stop launching whenever I boot up my computer since 10.5.2 came out. Any ideas for a workaround or as to how I can force the daemon to start? For those of you not in the know, GPC lets you map extra mouse buttons to do things like go back and forward in applications and the such. Or maybe someone knows of an alternative to GPC for remapping mouse buttons? I guess I should also add that it works fine...
I don't know if you can really do that.... If you can, it would cost more and be more trouble than just buying a new monitor.
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