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I completely agree with you.
I know I don't represent all users, but the beta has been solid for me. I hope we see a final release soon so I can install on all my Macs.
The users may want to upgrade, but unlike the Apple ecosystem, you have to wait for the carrier or vendor to come out with an update for your phone. In many cases, the hardware can't support the new OS.
It has been reported that the cable is orientation independent.
  Exactly what I was thinking.
It sounds like I am in the same boat as a few of you. We dumped cable TV about 3 years ago and use a combination of Netflix and an over the air antenna for our TV needs. We have a DVR setup on our iMac to record network shows that we want. It works well for us.   I would like to see the networks and cable companies open their eyes and realize that their old model is not going to work in the very near future. I am not sure that Apple's solution is the right one, but I...
Too funny!
This certainly is not big news, I mean what did you expect him to say "There really is not much happening this year"?
I just bought my first and I must say, I love it. I only wish it had Siri integration in it like the article indicates.
I completely agree. Not really useful to me at those sizes.
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