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You need to starting tearing it apart, as you haven't started doing that yet.So is that when you stated "Sony mostly seemed to focus on making new connector types,", I asked what are you talking about, and you still haven't responded to backup your original claim.Sony isn't making new connector types, all their products use USB, the only one that I know of with a propriety interface is the Vita.Why is Sony bad to do that, and Apple is good?
yet, all you do is personal insults, and you won't answer the question.
Please explain, what tv? what format video? And what do their menus have to do with anything?I can put a video on a usb stick, put it into my AppleTV, nothing happens, it doesn't even see it. I'm lost to your point. If you have one, please explain it.
If no one gives a flying **** about propriety interfaces, why are so many fuckwits on this site going on about Sony using them. What is your fucking problem, you have been this fucking way for years, do you get your rocks off being this way?Fuckwit
Well don't you think they will lose some advantage when they have to put the price up to cater for these "controllers" they will be giving away? NZ$100 is a impulse purchase, NZ$200 isn't. Don't give away a controller, then you hit the FireTV problem of getting annoyed of having to spend more money to play a game
Fine make it 20 or 30 years if that will make you happy. What did Sony do that Apple hasn't done and is still doing?
It is 2015 and you are still trying to pass on rumours as a factorial point?I can't handle what exactly? Your point is the only thing I can think of
Apple TV. Apple doesn't do free hardware
You your post is what?You? He said (the point be, he said, not you, what's up with you that you have to cry for them?) reports, a rumour is not a report, it is a rumour, it has no value what so ever, it is something someone made upNo one has put words into anyones mouths except you, what was the point of your post? Trying to get the last word in?I'll glad you have joined in the AI tradition of insulting anyone that disagrees with the "Apple is the only perfect company in...
In the last ten years I can think of one Sony product with a propriety connector. What is so hard to understand about that.
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