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Maybe you have something wrong with your Mac. I have Word 2016, Powerpoint 2016, Excel 2016 and Outlook 2011 open at the moment, they are using a total of 400MB RAM. I've been running Office 2016 for a while now, haven't had it crash yet.
No worries, I think most blu-ray's are only around 20 - 30 Mb/s
English as a second language, so by dense, you are saying my post is stupid. Thanks for getting straight to the point.TheWhiteFalcon saidYou saidYou till notice that "TheWhiteFalcon" finished their posting with "I think they can survive", to which you replied "that is what Nokia said"Implying Nokia didn't survive. If that is not what you are meaning, then can you please state what you meant.I will not be apologising, as I have done nothing to apologise for, also I am...
MB/s or Mb/s. 400Mb/s, and 48Mb/s seems high
You implied Nokia was dead, they aren't, they are still operating, and operating quite successfully, and profitable. I haven't missed anything, you were trying to be funny and failed. No, I will no give up, stop constantly lieing about every company that isn't Apple.Remember, every time you purchase your iPhone, you are giving money to Nokia
plus 21% tax
How much is an iPad, an iPhone, how much are these controllers?
Actually I did, there are thousands upon thousands of hours of movies that is filmed at greater than 4K
Nokia was losing money on their phone business, their network business is profitable. Yes, I am following the thread, hence when I am trying to correct you
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