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Please note everyone, the age a device has nothing to do with security.Show me a compromised Android phone, and no, not some random internet article, show me one.
The whole argument that everyone anti-android on this site bleats on again is that about is with Android no one upgrades to the latest version. The only way of getting fixes for iOS is to download the entire OS, with Android the individual applications are updated separately. Yes, I think using an iPhone 4 with iOS 7 is not secure.
No, it was a post by GregInPrague
Google reports their numbers exactly the same way as Apple, their Play Store activity, how are they creative?
I thought the point was people running outdated, non updated OS's are at risk from security issues, , so how is getting an iPhone 4 with its unsupported OS a good option for security?
No one are saying they are fake, they are saying Daniel is posting false information regarding the purchase state of an Android device.
I'm not confused Daniel, I know the difference between devices that support Google Play, and those that don't. I also know that there is a difference between devices that support Google Play, but don't have a local version of it available in their local country.And what are you talking about a small island with lots of money, are you confusing me with someone else, after all it is you that is living in large country with tonnes of money, and cheap devices
What are you talking about, All google android phones are setup to deny third party sources.Stop confusing your devices
No they don't
So if they don't have access to Google Play, does that mean they are not Android devices?
New Posts  All Forums: