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Why should I have to pay more for a device so you can get the features you want, when modern receivers don't require them?
I have two PS3s (both phat), both are still running fine, never had an issue, mine don't take 15-20 minutes to update, I get mind to pre download the update, so it only has to install it.But, there are better devices for streaming, I would use my Fire TV's over the PS3 for streaming.
What do you call the people on this site that were stating that the next AppleTV would be the second coming?
And Nokia is still around, what is your point?
HDMI devices have been available for over 10 years, toslink is old, doesn't need supported anymore. Next you'll want Apple to include DVD drives with all their computers.
Cool story bro
Well except for the thousands of movie recorded on film, that is at a higher resolution that 4k
The PS4 has no issue displaying 1080p graphics are decent frame rates, can explain what you are meaning?
Can you please explain why you don't think there is adequate 4K content available?
Are you using the same theory as the iTunes videos aren't true 1080p video, they are an incredibly compressed stream?
New Posts  All Forums: