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iCloud beta, who knows what they will do when it has been released. Also, you have to purchase an Apple device to get an iCloud account, so again, not free.
No more than the people claiming Apple is giving away iWorks for free, or the people who think that OS X is free
http://www.computerworld.co.nz/article/529223/office_nz_students_when_schools_buy_staff_licences_microsoft/Or you can purchase a surface, it comes free there as well
I thought the same, but if that was the case there would be a 500 in the formula entry bar thingy (what ever it is called)
Maybe they have autocalc turned off?
How does one get iWorks for free, Apple wants to charge me for it. And some of us actually get Office 365 for free
he is Dilger
Again, what part of the fact that basically Pandora is only really in the US as well don't you understand?
Pandora is available in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. That is hardly world wide.Plus the combined population of NZ and Aussie is 27 million, that hardly makes a difference compared with the population of the US
ok, can you tell me what your statement has to do with your claim of Apple double testing RAM?You did, here http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/160544/review-apples-late-2013-13-inch-macbook-pro-with-retina-display/40#post_2429529
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