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And the link to this survey is where?
Why do you have to be such a dick about everything.You asked a question, I answered it, even said based on my own experience, get over yourself.
From personal experience100% of my iMacs have failedin total, 50% of my Macs have failed0% of my PCs (around 10) have failed
You might be, but 95% of the worlds population aren't
I was would exactly the same way Apple does when an iPhone user moves to a different platform.
At a loss? Please provide proof
Now I don't know why I am continuing with this, as you would be the first claim someone doesn't own or use what they say they do.But, please list all the machines, the models, specs, plus the version, and edition of Windows, plus what sp level they are at.
If we were talking about Windows ME, or Windows 98, I might be able to agree, but this is 2013, Windows 7, and Windows 8 perform fine, so I will have to go with him having a bad memory.
Multiple computers now? Different story than before...The issue I have is I have experience copying large amounts of data on Windows machines, and I know what you are describing is not a common experience, so I would guess it is the result of one of three things, a poor machine, a poor operator, or a someone making up a story
Same here, I do similar things and don't have an issueExactly...
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