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I just tried copying 20GB across the network to a Windows 8 machine, the only extra CPU my machine is using is the stupid virus software we use here, everything else if fine.
If he is using FAT then they won't be a large file
Wouldn't be the first Mac to have an issue. None of the Windows machines I have access to "lock up" when copying files.
Because it doesn't do that, you must have a fault with the PC you are using.
No the video didn't say anything, but you said "Maybe Apple needs to develop the Windows clients and then Skype will not needed", and since there is multiple platforms that can use Skype you would need to develop it for more than just Windows.
And Android, and PSP, and Windows Phone, and PS Vita etc etc clients
So how is Apple getting on releasing those specs for Facetime?
I have read all three of them, all they say is the developers are targeting 30 fps, but there is nothing to stop them targeting 60fps. So, can you let me know why you think the PS4 won't do 60fps?
You claimed that the PS4 would only do 24fps, I asked for you to back it up, as the PS3 doesn't have this restriction, so why would the unreleased PS4
Back the truck up Frank, you aren't making any sense.I haven't claimed anything about the PS4, except you can't currently buy one, what discrepancy is there in that? Now you claims on the other hand...Brand new game? It has been out for other platforms for four months now. Next you will claim Sim City is a brand new game...
New Posts  All Forums: