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3. Why do they have the US release dates for phones against the EU graph? They weren't released in the EU for months later4. No it doesn't, see 3Also, thanks for providing some sources for once. But how does what you provided show that the iPhone "•Broke the bonds of carrier locked features", which is what you replied to me about. The article you linked to states that smartphone adoption in the US only took off after carrier subsidies increased (ie carrier locking)
A couple of issues.1. That graph is nearly impossible to read2. Source?3. That doesn't describe the smartphone market up to and including 20074. That doesn't show that the US was a largely locked market (and still is)
I'll say one thing, you are consistent. Consistent at not following up with any proof when asked, again if I am wrong please provide proof of this, otherwise stop wasting everyone's time
No one has said that, maybe you should read the thread before saying anything
Why don't you read before you post?
If you can't understand the point, then maybe you were a child in 2007 and/or didn't understand the industry internationally at that time.
The mobile scene in the USA was quite backward compared to other countries when the iPhone was released, again don't confuse the USA with the rest of the world
Actually it was unusual back then, stop confusing the practices of the USA with the rest of the world. I purchased unlocked Nokia smartphones in 2007 (actually I purchased Nokia unlocked smartphones in 2002), it wasn't hard to find them.
You made the comment, I asked you a question based on that comment. If you didn't want anyone to comment on it, why did you make the statement in the first place?
No, I haven't said this. I said until iPhone OS 2.x was released the iPhone wasn't a smartphone, there is a clear difference.Well there were feature phones with the exact same features, so why wouldn't it be a feature phone,Which models?
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