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Of course Daniel, I suppose they are only "near-zero consequence" when you make them?
They must not be worried about security then, that version of OS X hasn't been patched for a long time
Please elaborate
No they haven't been running Nokia, the fact that this product has been released it proof of that. Microsoft won't be running the devices division of Nokia until next year.
I didn't mean you. I said when non-US people on this site say that Apple are ripping them off, the US answer is, exchange rate, VAT , cost of business etc, etc. Now we have an article that decides to convert the price to US$ and the US people are trying to say US$741 is too expensive you can by an iPad for $699. You can't honestly directly convert these prices as there are a number of different factors influencing them.But yes, things are a lot cheaper now, my first Mac...
Excluding VAT, 538 including, and if the parents are paying, they will be paying VATAnd the iPad is assembed in China
It's funny, on this site, when you say that Apple over charges for stuff outside the US there is every excuse in the book to explain why, but now they are happy to use it to say these paid too much compared to the US price, which excuse it is?
Why are you bringing Leveno into this discussion?
Fools? How does one purchased a iPad for $699 in Ireland
You used a samsung?a samsung what?
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