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I can stream music, tv shows, and movies from my Mac to my Fire TV. Of course the ones that are full of DRM that Apple refuses to license to any other party won't work.
Good for you, hope I never get burnt where you work then.
Actually there are different types of 2nd degree burns, some of which require skin grafts, that seems a little more excessive than a blister. Maybe you should go back to translation school
Actually, no you don't got it. Like ApplePay, the tap and go feature of Google Wallet has a limited release area, so you can't take wild guesses like you have done.
Did what? They brought the complaints about the camera ring upon themselves, that's what.
Apple did that to themselves, they have been the ones who have consistently wanted a thin and flat device, and finally realised you can't always do it
Ignorance is bliss I suppose...
I do, but that image didn't contain any. The user had installed the Mint, and Trip Advisor applications and added their live tiles to their start menu
The one I am using a the moment, it is not really any slower to boot than my 2014 MBP
Judging by his later reply I don't think he knows what a live tile is
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