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Symbian, prior to being sold was part of Nokia (forgetting that the foundation rubbish that occurred), Wall Street started dumping Nokia as they believed they didn't have a competitive OS.I'm sorry, this is all history, and was well published
Daniel, as this ABI Research charges for their definition, magic word being, their, can you please post it since it appears to be the one that agrees with you, rather than everyone else.
Wall Street made the decision for them
They do? Please provide a link.
Daniel, I own a N800, it doesn't work like a netbook, maybe you should actually use one before commenting on them
Daniel, the CEO of Nokia released a statement saying they were killing Symbian, the sales of Symbian phones basically died from this moment. The Sales of Symbian phones were still increasing up to this moment.Symbian was a capable OS, which needed some work, but the mighty people from the USA (who, remember, only make up 4% of the worlds population decided they didn't like Symbian, so no one should), Nokia had options, they could have continued with it, they could have...
You'll be waiting for a long time, Apple never releases sales by model
What would you like people to say? There are numerous factual errors in Daniel's story, the biggest being, Apple didn't kill Symbian, Nokia killed Symbian.
No they haven't
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