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Who is lying about it being released? If you want to refer to current console gaming you should be talking about the XBox 360, or the PS3 as they are actually available for salePlease explain
You think, or you know?
Why? Skype will work across multiple device types
I am well aware about those chargers on the Galaxy Tabs, I don't particularly like the Galaxy Tab, didn't think they were worth mentioning. However, their phones have micro USBYou have lost me here, what are you going on about? No wait, are you getting all upset about someone who is complaining about a product that isn't even available for sale yet?
1990 called, they want their joke back
What are these "important apps" that you can't find for WP8?
Which is it, a hyperbole or a valid point? I would like to know, as Nokia has sold quite a few Lumia phones
Yeah right, I didn't realise that Apple had changed to a micro USB charger
No, you fixed nothing. Sure you can purchase a Mac, then go out and purchase Windows so you can then gain the opportunity of playing some games, seems a real cost efficient way of doing things.Now, can you tell me why these game producers aren't releasing their games for OSX at the same time as all other platforms?
New Posts  All Forums: