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A reference in a document doesn't mean they have axed it
I wasn't aware that they had announced, or released a Surface Mini, how did they managed to axe it?
Um, yes they do, if they haven't been stated (either explicitly or non explicitly) then they don't exist, otherwise the message is up to individual interpretation (ie for me, he didn't say any like that)I don't go to the cinema so I didn't know there was a new one coming out, but thanks for letting me know, although not sure what that has to do with DED and his disjointed article?
I did read the article, a few times actually, it was quite disjointed, and no, he didn't say that.
May I ask why you didn't say that in the article then? You could have tweeted it first so that you could quote yourself.
Just so I understand this correctly, it is ok for Apple to move into areas that others already exist, but not Google?
Why don't you use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app for the Mac?https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/microsoft-remote-desktop/id715768417?mt=12
From your first message it seems you haven't used a surface as you don't know about some basically functionality, but then you rubbish the functionality you haven't seen.But in saying that, how is is unnatural? I have seen first time tablet users with a surface and understand how to deal with the split screen first time.
I have two PS3's.But while we are at it, two of my four macs have failed, does that mean Apple has a 50% failure rate and we can just rubbish them?
How is it a simplified view? Sales tax is added as a percentage of the sellers price, and the customer pays it, no matter what the price is, the customer pays the sales tax
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