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Strange article as technically now Nokia doesn't sell any phones
If the thread that you and me were discussing had anything to do with Google and their take on iap I might agree. But we were talking about Amazon following apples rules for publishing apps in their app store. Follow the thread back if you are having trouble remembering
Opinions and truth are not the same thing
How are Amazon squatting or freeloading if they are following the rules set by Apple?Simple question, your responses seem to be a tad overly emotional
Great comeback
You seem to be slow to grasp this but Apple sets some rules for apps in their app store, and guess what? They allow what amazon are doing, so what is your issue?
Ok, by calling someone else's comment stupid to start with shows how much you are willing to input into a real discussion.Apple allows free apps into their store, they allow developers to submit apps which redirect to a website for external purchasing for free. The difficulty with comparing to WalMart is WalMart won't allow this. And since Apple allows this what is the issue? Amazon is working within the rules Apple set for them, if Apple doesn't want companies to do...
Yes I do, you just have a single minded view point of everything
Wow, congratulations on your well thought out comment.Amazon has followed Apples rules for publishing an app, they have to reason to give Apple any money. If Apple thinks they need to then maybe they should change the rules for their store, and then watch the number of apps decrease.As for your well thought out comment, the agent doesn't have their ad on all fords, just like Amazon doesn't have their app on all IOS devices
And here I was thinking Apple makes a huge profit on the sale of their ios devices. Do you also think Ford needs to gets cut of a sale when a real estate agent uses one of their cars?
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