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How does one get iWorks for free, Apple wants to charge me for it. And some of us actually get Office 365 for free
he is Dilger
Again, what part of the fact that basically Pandora is only really in the US as well don't you understand?
Pandora is available in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. That is hardly world wide.Plus the combined population of NZ and Aussie is 27 million, that hardly makes a difference compared with the population of the US
ok, can you tell me what your statement has to do with your claim of Apple double testing RAM?You did, here http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/160544/review-apples-late-2013-13-inch-macbook-pro-with-retina-display/40#post_2429529
Can you re-read what you have written as it doesn't make sense.Now back to what you claimed, can you show me this proof that Apple double tests their RAM?
When did I claim that? I said I haven't seen an article based on the criteria you listed.Apple themselves test RAM? Apple? An Apple owned company? They get all the chips in, test them all, then ship them somewhere to get put onto the board in the form factor they want? So are you saying if I get a Mac that is fitted with a Kingston branded board with product ID xxxxx/yyy, and I purchase the same model product from someone else then it would have been tested...
No, I have never seen an article on AI in the last 7 years stating they have purchased a million dollar testing machine for Kington etc to test RAM. If you have, can you please post a link to it?No, but the stick of RAM Apple uses is the same stick of RAM that Kington etc sell for much less than Apple resells it for. Don't play dumb and claim that the budget RAM sold by some company called Netegg is the same standard as a number of computer makers put in their machines. ...
Straight in with the insults, can make someone forget they are at AI can you??He implied that Apples costs were higher as they had to get them RAM tested on million dollar machines. Which is false, these tests are paid for by the manufacturer, and are shared across everyone that purchases RAM from that manufacturer, so why don't you stop being an idiot and trying to agree with people who are making stupid claims.I've had RAM replaced by Apple under warranty, I imagine it...
Do you honestly think Apple will be doing the testing? No, they will make the manufacturers do it. And considering the expensive Kingston etc memory is cheaper that Apple, and this is the same stuff they use you have to question Apple's motives (well you don't, it is to make more money for themelves)
New Posts  All Forums: