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From your first message it seems you haven't used a surface as you don't know about some basically functionality, but then you rubbish the functionality you haven't seen.But in saying that, how is is unnatural? I have seen first time tablet users with a surface and understand how to deal with the split screen first time.
I have two PS3's.But while we are at it, two of my four macs have failed, does that mean Apple has a 50% failure rate and we can just rubbish them?
How is it a simplified view? Sales tax is added as a percentage of the sellers price, and the customer pays it, no matter what the price is, the customer pays the sales tax
I have a first Gen Ps3, plus a second Gen one, first then vita, Ps4. Have had no issues with any of them, they update fine each time, and have had tones of functionality added over the years. It's not good that you have had issues but don't assume everyone has
Based on what you and others have written, I'm not sure you actually understand what this device is.
Will the next Apple TV slow me to stream games from the PS4?
For the hardware Apple doesn't pay tax, the customer does. Same with income tax, the employees pay that.
Judging by your comment you haven't used a surface. The magic swipe combination is to put your finger on the line between the apps and swipe. Also, how the heck do you dock an app by trying to do the split screen, the only options you have is to kill the application or make it split screen.
Not as much as the education system
On the PS4 most of them run at 1080p. But your original claim was they mostly run at 720p30, which has been proved numerous times to be incorrect
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