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Straight in with the insults, can make someone forget they are at AI can you??He implied that Apples costs were higher as they had to get them RAM tested on million dollar machines. Which is false, these tests are paid for by the manufacturer, and are shared across everyone that purchases RAM from that manufacturer, so why don't you stop being an idiot and trying to agree with people who are making stupid claims.I've had RAM replaced by Apple under warranty, I imagine it...
Do you honestly think Apple will be doing the testing? No, they will make the manufacturers do it. And considering the expensive Kingston etc memory is cheaper that Apple, and this is the same stuff they use you have to question Apple's motives (well you don't, it is to make more money for themelves)
I'm thinking you haven't. I had a loan surface pro the other day, used it quite a bit with the stylus and with just finger touch. Had no problems at all
Yeah right, I have a late 2008 Macbook 2.4Ghz with 8GB RAM, it runs slow with Mavericks, battery performance has gone down, memory usage has gone up. I am sitting with a couple of apps open and the machine is using all 8GB RAM. I am disappointed that I listened to the people that claimed it was running better than ML
Why is the Surface Pro 2 a joke? It is a laptop in a tablet form, of course it needs a fan, and they are far from being thick.
How is the surface not a tablet? You can't compare it to OSX anymore than you can compare iOS to Window 8 Pro. You may be getting confused with the Surface and Surface pro.Also, hardly anyone pays the retail price of Windows 8, they will get the OEM version, or a VLK or KMS edition. I downloaded Mavericks for free yesterday as well, although the Mac I installed it on was significantly more expensive than the PC I installed Windows 8.1 on (also free)
How is this an exclusive article, when other sites have similar articles?
Symbian, prior to being sold was part of Nokia (forgetting that the foundation rubbish that occurred), Wall Street started dumping Nokia as they believed they didn't have a competitive OS.I'm sorry, this is all history, and was well published
Daniel, as this ABI Research charges for their definition, magic word being, their, can you please post it since it appears to be the one that agrees with you, rather than everyone else.
Wall Street made the decision for them
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