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Wow, were you not educated in what "no one" means?
But Samsung uses a standard adapter, no need for an expensive proprietary one
I am, stop using an unreleased item as your example for current gaming
What part of the PS4 is unreleased you have the issue with?OS X gaming is poor, even the Steam ports are terrible compared to the Windows versions
Where do I get the Last of Us for OSX?Really, you have a PS4?
Yes, you could install Windows on your Mac so you can play the latest games (that are released for Windows), but then why bother purchasing a Mac in the first place?
Two issues I see with that1. How many Mac users actually do that, especially just to play a game?2. Why does it matter to a Windows user about Bootcamp? Also, do you realise what the retail price of Windows is?
No, the Mac won't play the latest games, you have to wait for the ports, and as is shown here some five months after the other platforms.Also, where have you read that the PS4 will be limited to 24fps, the PS3 isn't, so why would the PS4 be?
It is free on PS+ for the next year if you have a current membership, and personally I think free is too much to charge for this game
So, that is Apples fault, not mine. Still doesn't change the fact that you can purchase a smartphone outright for $100
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