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OK, had to load it in Safari to see it
He is waste of tax payers money (partly due to him, and partly due to the NZ Police, FBI cock up). Also, we recently had another case in NZ in which a SA emigrant was going to be refused residence due to his weight, Kim was significantly larger that the SA gentleman, but due to him having a free dollars in the bank is allowed in with welcome arms
The definition I provided was from Apple, I'm sorry if you disagree with the truth, that's not my problem.
All I see is a black square, is it meant to mean something?
Interesting you say that considering that is exactly what you are doing
From the dictionary on my MacI still stand by my statement, Apple may have stores around the world, they certainly don't have worldwide though
As a native english speaker I am.
Actually no, it doesn't make sense, you need another word, either before or after the word "work" for it to make sense.
You may have messed up your geography there. And there are a number of people in NZ that would be happy to get rid of that particular fat German
No, but can you please change the grammar of this sentence so it makes senseThanks
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