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On the PS4 most of them run at 1080p. But your original claim was they mostly run at 720p30, which has been proved numerous times to be incorrect
Sure thing, not going to be hard to do that.Well going by half the post on this site, a $500 PC can't do much at all.Well if you need that explaining, then wow, just wowSo it will be $1995?I have never said that, I believe like most times, you forget to read properly. I said they may release a patch to increase the frame rate, which has been done for other PS4 games.
Those videos have sub 500 pounds when they start, which is technically sub US$840
You do know what anonymous means? If you want me to libel you, post your real name.A PS4 is NZ$600. A $500 PC will have on board graphics, you might be able to up it to full HD, but you will need to turn off all the AA, shading etc. And a $2000 is over 3 times more than a PS4, is should produce better graphics or something is wrong.A GTX 760 is 66% of the price of a PS4, by the time you purchase the rest of the PC you are up to $2000, but for some reason the fact that a...
Um, yes I have, you saidI am still waiting on you to list all the PS4 games limited to 720p30 that you claimed there are.You are posting anonymously, there can be no libelAs already stated, there is a difference between a $500 gaming PC, and a $2000 gaming PC. The $500 won't be playing it at full resolutions. A console is an appliance, it just works, and they work great at what they are designed to do, playing games. Also, they may release a PC to up the...
Again, in what context can you use a posting from 2008? It is six years ago, things have changedOk, this explains a lot.I imagine TS will feature quite a bit in your book
Hopefully they will, it will be the best bet towards getting a PC console
May I ask what a posting from 2008 has to do1. The state of affairs in 2014?2. With TS making another false claim?Also, can you send me a link to that posting, the history I get only goes back to 2011.Thanks
There are three choices for PC gaming.Linux - Limited game choice, not a consumer OSOS X - Limited game choice, Poor performance for gaming compared to Windows (Compare the requirements for a Steam game in Windows versus OS X)Windows - All the gamesYou are free to make your own choice
Well how you you do it correctly this time.I asked you to list all the PS4 games that run at a maximum of 720p30. Also, Watch Dogs hasn't been released yet.
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