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You wroteThe user had no ability to install an Application, that was at the decision of Apple, I haven't refuted anything
Mine as in I used it, not mine as in I defined it, stop getting overly defensive. And if you had read this thread I used that definition earlier, and everyone here so far has claimed it was wrong
I don't have an N8, never had an N8, I haven't used a Symbian phone for years.Bring your iPhone to an NZ carrier (or half the iPhone carriers in the world), bet you will love your visual voicemail then.Also, thanks for agreeing with my definition of a smartphone
You know perfectly well not to tell me what other people mean, if that is what they meant they should have said it. You are a fine one for sprouting this crap
Sorry, slightly confused, my Symbian phones could scroll, can you tell me what model you were referring to?This is getting old. You are aware that over half the iPhone carriers don't support visual voicemail? AT&T users account for around 1% of the worlds population, restricting that down to iPhone users drops it down again, if it was such an important feature why didn't Apple push it to all carriers?As for your last claim, maybe you should read you own posting again,...
I would love to, I have posted lots of them since 2007, but AI will only let you go back 100 pages of posts, I can't link them anymore.Doing a quick searchhttp://www.zdnet.com/article/iphones-missing-features/http://www.techhive.com/article/148250/iphone_missing_feature.html?page=2You were the one who raised the US market post #126 if you have forgotten), I was saying that you have to look at the world market (the other 96% of the world)So questioning someone's age is a...
Yes I know that, but if you are going to provide a graph showing the effect of the EU iPhone sales on a category, shouldn't the date on the graph be the EU release date, not the US one?
You are aware that they released the iPhone in the UK/Germany months after the US release?
3. Why do they have the US release dates for phones against the EU graph? They weren't released in the EU for months later4. No it doesn't, see 3Also, thanks for providing some sources for once. But how does what you provided show that the iPhone "•Broke the bonds of carrier locked features", which is what you replied to me about. The article you linked to states that smartphone adoption in the US only took off after carrier subsidies increased (ie carrier locking)
A couple of issues.1. That graph is nearly impossible to read2. Source?3. That doesn't describe the smartphone market up to and including 20074. That doesn't show that the US was a largely locked market (and still is)
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