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The PS4 has no issue displaying 1080p graphics are decent frame rates, can explain what you are meaning?
Can you please explain why you don't think there is adequate 4K content available?
Are you using the same theory as the iTunes videos aren't true 1080p video, they are an incredibly compressed stream?
I thought the issue with Toslink was it was limited to 1.5Mbps, and no one has produced a codec that will do 7.1 in that bit rate
No, it was the second gen that took off
Did anyone think the Apple Speaker thing would kill high end sales? Well Steve did in his speech.But all you guys were saying the games were already there?!?!? Also, I didn't see anything that sets out this AppleTV as a console killer, the only thing I saw was to improve competition to the Amazon FireTV, minus a controller
Where is all the end of the world gaming AI posters promised us?
But just the other day you guys were all claiming that these would have been announced today? What happened?
It is called a PS TV, and it is under US$40, how is that high?
On line multiplayer is a big thing with PS4/XBone, so that person would the second controller. Plus then they would have the PS or MS membership to get free games.Also, wouldn't you need two controllers for the Apple solution as well?And you can use the PS4 to do other things like Netflix
New Posts  All Forums: