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What are you going on about, I quote you sayingI replied saying your definition contradicted itself, I even said the first link in your definition, is that no enough info for you?
Like I said in the other posts, there was no support for user installable apps.Also, you guys have to get all your stories sorted, the other guys are saying Smartphones around in 2007 weren't really smartphones, but they supported everything in your list, and more
You mean like how the AI crowd decided all other phones weren't a smartphone as they didn't have a touch screen?
So you are saying that every feature phone Nokia, or Motorola sold in 2007 were a smartphone as they all had an OS? Good lad, it is important at AI to change the rules as you go along...Just realised your link was Wikipedia. Go to the first reference off your page, you get thishttp://www.phonescoop.com/glossary/term.php?gid=131to which we get thisSo your definition is invalid
Again, who said anything about RIM or Win-Phones, I said iPhone OS 1 wasn't a smartphone OS
Who said anything about MS Smartphones, the ones that were available at the time were crap, nothing like the ones they sell now
Fools? It took almost a year before Apple would allow you to install an application on your "smartphone", now, we refused to call it a smartphone because it wasn't. iPhone OS 2 was closer to being a smartphone OS
You're funny. Before iPhone OS 2, the iPhone was missing major features to be labelled a smart phone
Nokia doesn't make phones, you might have to update your list.
Except Apple wouldn't sell it at a fraction of the cost, plus there would be the cost of the controllers, and any required cameras, sensors etc
New Posts  All Forums: