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If you can't understand the point, then maybe you were a child in 2007 and/or didn't understand the industry internationally at that time.
The mobile scene in the USA was quite backward compared to other countries when the iPhone was released, again don't confuse the USA with the rest of the world
Actually it was unusual back then, stop confusing the practices of the USA with the rest of the world. I purchased unlocked Nokia smartphones in 2007 (actually I purchased Nokia unlocked smartphones in 2002), it wasn't hard to find them.
You made the comment, I asked you a question based on that comment. If you didn't want anyone to comment on it, why did you make the statement in the first place?
No, I haven't said this. I said until iPhone OS 2.x was released the iPhone wasn't a smartphone, there is a clear difference.Well there were feature phones with the exact same features, so why wouldn't it be a feature phone,Which models?
Did they do this by locking the devices to a carrier worse than anyone else had??
But it didn't, it was quite slow to take off, in fact it took a while to get an international following (you know, the 96% non USA part of the world), it took Apple to add additional features that these users were used to having on their smartphones, 3G, app etc.
If that is what you think, fine. But what about your claim?
So how many features does it have to be missing before they can't be a smartphone anymore? 1, 2, 10. By your logic a toaster can be a smartphone, after all it is only missing a few features.And again, what from your list of different that what other smartphones were offering at the same time, nothing apart from multi touch, in fact the iPhone was missing a number of features (Apps, Video, 3G) that the others had
That is a Samsung SCH-A930.It supports BREW apps, so non native, also it only supported WAP browsing, so no, I wouldn't call it a smartphoneBut it supports something the iPhone didn't get to the 3GS, video recording. Talk me through that one, apart from expecting people to purchase a new phone, why didn't Apple just supply a video capture app? Even Nokia did that with the 7650 to give it video capture support.
New Posts  All Forums: