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it is a lovely picture, but it doesn't prove anything
But you claim it is a monopoly, why would you sell it then? But in saying that, how is that proof gathering coming along?
he said he had, and I have. You posted a US stat from some random place (no link to the data to back it up), and I will ask it this time, how does having 63% of videos make it a monopoly? And even it they were, how are they abusing their position to force people to upload their videos to YouTube?
My definition, no sorry, that was from dictionary.comBut from the Apple dictionary on my MacYet again, this doesn't meet your claim. You claimed Google had a monopoly on streaming video, please provide proof, or quit claiming it.
Doesn't Apple still have a minimum age limit for an iTunes account?
Well you claimed it, why should we look it up.But still, your little pictures don't show anything, where is the proof that they are a monopoly?
Over a week has gone by, yet you still refuse to post any proof, maybe it has slipped your mind?
For the majority of places Apple sells its products, it is not a luxury brand
Who you talking about?
Are they not both Video streaming sites?Sorry, your complaint is google is doing something, and you don't want to have to do something google suggests.Don't assume thingsLook at at history of your posts, abusing people seems to be a profession for you.Ok, where is this proof of Google being a video streaming monopoly?
New Posts  All Forums: