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You your post is what?You? He said (the point be, he said, not you, what's up with you that you have to cry for them?) reports, a rumour is not a report, it is a rumour, it has no value what so ever, it is something someone made upNo one has put words into anyones mouths except you, what was the point of your post? Trying to get the last word in?I'll glad you have joined in the AI tradition of insulting anyone that disagrees with the "Apple is the only perfect company in...
In the last ten years I can think of one Sony product with a propriety connector. What is so hard to understand about that.
What?As I said, Sony has one device I can think of with a propriety port, Apple on the other hand has many. Yet you still claim Sony has the issue?
Reported? I didn't think Apple had reported anything yet?
Apple was doing the same thing "a long time ago", so you don't buy any of their products either?
What new connector types is Sony using? The only one I can think of is the Vita. All their other devices use standard USB
Of the people I know with iPhones, none of them would come around to play video games.And the cheapest iPod Touch is NZ$349, you expect me to pay three times more for a controller than the damn console costs? And that is the crappy 16Gb version, get a 32Gb one and you could buy a PS4 for the same price. And they are a personal item, you need to get multiple ones otherwise how do you play games if someone else is using it?Funny, the iPod touch my mother has isn't that...
Except the price will be going up
Remember, this is Apple, if someone "gives" you their iPhone, it will be an real old one, and won't be supported.Ok, let's say I don't have an iPhone (I don't actually, so that part is ok). New Apple TV comes out, Apple says get an iPhone as a controller, so I spend maybe NZ$114 on the ATV (based on todays prices), then another $1000+ buying a controller? Plus another $1000 for everyone else that wants to use it?Hopefully you see the issue there?
10 years is a very long time in technology, I limited it for that reason, I'm, sorry, I only started using computers in 81, you are so much more wise than me,All the items you list are from over 10 years ago, and some very very successful, and were licensed for use by other companies.But, are you ok with Apple and their propriety interfaces (the 30 pin connector, the lightning connector), their propriety audio formats, video formats, DRM formats, or is it ok when Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: