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Apple did that to themselves, they have been the ones who have consistently wanted a thin and flat device, and finally realised you can't always do it
Ignorance is bliss I suppose...
I do, but that image didn't contain any. The user had installed the Mint, and Trip Advisor applications and added their live tiles to their start menu
The one I am using a the moment, it is not really any slower to boot than my 2014 MBP
Judging by his later reply I don't think he knows what a live tile is
If a windows machine takes longer than 15 seconds to boot there is something wrong with it. What fuzzy screen, Windows can support high resolutions and the display from them is not fuzzy. McAfee is a third party, if you install their client tools, then you are the fool, not Microsoft
Firmware issue, or WP issue? If it is a WP issue, just join the developer program and update it to the latest version yourself, there was another update today, and they are stable.Also, what issues in particular?
What update for the 1520 are you waiting on? Cyan/8.1 is available for that unit, and has been for a while
What exactly is Daniels point? Has he questioned all the contractors that MS bring in to see if they also use iPhones? Has he checked out all the contractors that Apple use also use iPhones?
There is nothing wrong with Here Maps on Windows Phone, it was the version for iOS that was crap, please don't get confused.
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