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Who said anything about MS Smartphones, the ones that were available at the time were crap, nothing like the ones they sell now
Fools? It took almost a year before Apple would allow you to install an application on your "smartphone", now, we refused to call it a smartphone because it wasn't. iPhone OS 2 was closer to being a smartphone OS
You're funny. Before iPhone OS 2, the iPhone was missing major features to be labelled a smart phone
Nokia doesn't make phones, you might have to update your list.
Except Apple wouldn't sell it at a fraction of the cost, plus there would be the cost of the controllers, and any required cameras, sensors etc
Using your logic, before Nokia released the 7710 Apples phones were non existent, after the 7710 they changed that to touch screen phones, who is copying who?
So Apple was a parasite when they ran ads abusing Windows, while providing Safari and iTunes for Windows so they could sell more iPods?
How is it Microsofts issues that AMD were slow to update their drivers? And according to AMD that card is supported.
All my standalone DVD players I have purchased are region free, in fact all DVD players sound in NZ should be region free, if not you should return them. There is no law here saying you can remove the region coding function from your DVD players, as there is no law against parallel importing.On my Macs and PC I would use software to remove the region coding
I can put a DVD from any region in my dvd player and it plays, what are you talking about?
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