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No. It is never free
Now I'm sure you are just doing one of your typical replies, but do they, what propriety formats has Sony released in the last decade?
personally it is the controller, and the games. My mother has an iPad, and it seems nothing special to me.
What agrument? He has been dead for years, they may as well say, Woz wouldn't have done it that way
If the PS3 is complicated, then the current AppleTV is a nightmare
He's dead, get over it
They are comparing the chip to a system that was released in 2006?
Basically it is an AI requirement, if you disagree with anyone, they are a troll
Isn't the iPhone an expensive controller? the cheapest iPhone 6 is almost twice the price of a PS4
Wow, 26 postings for Godwin to kick in, not bad
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