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How is it Microsofts issues that AMD were slow to update their drivers? And according to AMD that card is supported.
All my standalone DVD players I have purchased are region free, in fact all DVD players sound in NZ should be region free, if not you should return them. There is no law here saying you can remove the region coding function from your DVD players, as there is no law against parallel importing.On my Macs and PC I would use software to remove the region coding
I can put a DVD from any region in my dvd player and it plays, what are you talking about?
The world has moved on? So how is Apples server solutions going? Their infrastructure cloud offerings? As a long time owner of Apple products I am entitled to be here as much as the next person
Actually I wrote none of that, I quoted it from someone else
irrelevant? I think you need to pull your head out. As the world moves to cloud based server infrastructure, you have two main choices, AWS, or Azure.Also, what are you referring to with Android crashing? I'm lost, if you are going to refer to something, you might want to reference it
I don't have a clue what you are dribbling on about
1. Wow, short memory2. Yes it is, it is one percentage point more4. Actually in a number of other sectors as well, all of which is relevant, it is all about that ecosystem crap you are always crying about
So you have no problem with all the manufacturing sites that Apple has closed down in the past, laying off people in the process, or is it only when Microsoft does this that you get upset?Recurring pattern? I haven't seen them promoting Azure versus AWS, or XBone compared to PS4, how about constant Windows Server adds showing differences between Linux and Windows?Well actually those ads actually show you differences, did you watch them, or just get upset?
Are you really going to try and argument this one out? Everything Apple and Google have added to their platforms are a rehash of things others have done in the pastLayoffs are never good, but I have to ask, do you understand who is being laid off from Microsoft in this instance?
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