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So postage DVD's, the company that you are talking about had nothing to do with streaming until they were purchased by Quickflix?Also, have you got a link to the nz post/tvnz thing that they tried to start, google isn't working that well todayThey must have the streaming rights then, or the rights for online digital sales, that is no different than the likes of Netflix getting exclusion rights. But Sky and TVNZ don't have the rights to all shows, or the exclusive rights...
When was Quickflix sponsored by TVNZ? They have always been owned by Quickflix Aussie. TVNZ was into that Igloo thing, and they have some involvement with Tivo (both of which have been bad financial investment for them)
How can we blame Sky and TVNZ when we have had Quickflix for ages, Lightbox for a while, and that joke of a SkyTV Neon. There was nothing stopping Apple getting rights to sell online copies of TV Shows in NZ, they just haven't bothered to do it. You don't see SkyTV trying to block DVD and Blu-ray sales.Personally I haven't used a NZ TV on demand site for years, especially TVNZ since the killed the PS3 app and haven't replaced it. Netflix, Hulu and Plex work fine on my...
But we are talking about Aussie/NZ, iTunes doesn't carry all the "current stuff" here. In fact in NZ Apple has around zero tv shows, and quite expensive movies. They are really dropping the ball here
What does a "windows" mouse look like?
Symptom of the times? DO you mean people being wrong, I'm afraid that isn't down to any particular time. I think the tech forums you were referring to was this this site, and the users who tried to claim Nokia was including the S40 phones in their smartphone figures to increase them, when Nokia constantly said they weren't?Last post about it, got you, you can claim anything, post anything, never be able to back it up and you'll run away with your fingers in your ears...
They were never smartphones, those tech forums were wrong.Sorry I was on my tablet, yes I meant AOSP. If they don't have access to the Google App Store, all that means is they aren't counted as a Google Android device. If they meet all the other criteria, then they could be counted as a smartphone. Two points to this, if you don't want to argue it, don't bring it up in the first place, also, if you are going to claim something, have the info to back it up.
The S40 was never described as a smartphone.Which ASAP phones are feature phones and why?
I would have thought a 4K or 8K display would be 10bpp not 8bpp?
Ah, didn't take you long to get back to your usual comments, congratulations.
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