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It was more the fact that Apple refused to remove it, DRM is bad when someone else does it.
http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/161428/google-to-push-royalty-free-vp9-4k-video-codec-as-h-265-alternative-for-youtube/80#post_2453696Google pays to encode h.264, they will have to pay to encode h.265. And just because the encoder isn't as efficient as another one, doesn't automatically meant the decoder will have the same issue.let's see, google has less than 100% of the video streaming market, the competitors have more than 0%, thus google is not a monopoly in the...
Sorry, the magic word in my post was MOVIES.Also, I have always found Steves thoughts funny when there are articles like this around... http://www.teleread.com/copy-right/cory-doctorow-places-drm-free-e-books-with-amazon-barnes-noble-and-kobo-apple-and-sony-hold-out/
You only have to read some of your posts to see this proofAs I have said, you are getting overly emotional on thisHave you ever thought that the benefit, and costs savers that using a royalty free encoder provide Google far outweigh any encoding (that document only talks about encoding, something the end user doesn't have to worry about) inefficiencies.Post some proof. Also, even if you can find some proof, there is nothing wrong with being a monopoly, it is when you...
Ain't that the truth
What makes it "mind-bogglingly substandard"?Also, Google isn't a monopolyOK, I can imagine a word without MP4 files, not hard to do, but what is your point? No one is getting rid of mp4 files, no one is getting rid of h.265 files. Google wants to reduce their costs, they found a way to do it, and will give away their way.Also, it is funny that you talk about Sony, yet Apple refused to let anyone else play in their sandpit, how do I play my iTunes DRM filled movies on any...
Yes, but you seem to be getting somewhat emotional over an issue that has very low impact on the consumer.If they were forcing you to use Chrome to view YouTube, then yes I could understand why you are upset, but over a codec?
Well why should Google be forced to use any codec in their product? There is no way you can compare this to Microsoft and IE. Apple seems to be happy with not allow anyone access to FairPlay, why should Google be forced to use a codec that requires a payment to encode for?
Wonderful suggestion, and while they are at it, Apple should be legally required to licence FairPlay
While I might have agreed with you in the past, their Windows Phone software has been quite good, but regarding your other comment, you have got yourself confused between software development and poor management
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