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This article isn't about market share, it is about the percentage of phones that are on the latest OS. Apple and Google report these figures exactly the same way, why are you having trouble with this fact.I know you have made it several times, but the point is pointless, this is an article about the percentage of phones that are on the latest OS. No one is thinking otherwise, you look at the figures and say, man that is poor, only 1.6% of devices are on lollipop. It...
No, I read it, and I commented on it.What are you talking about? Apples numbers are from devices contacting the App Store, exactly the same as the Google Developer stats. This has nothing to do with Sales numbers, Apple and Google report them seperately.You are confusing things. Apple reports developer stats exactly the same way Google does, connections to their App Store at certain points. I have an iOS 5 device here, it never connects to the App Store, Apple isn't...
The only point he is stated is he thinks the devices that don't use the Google Services are Google Android devices, which they aren't. So why would Google care about them
I thought this had been covered a number of times, those Chinese ASOP devices that don't use the Google Services aren't Google Android devices, so they aren't counted.The only way you can realistically count these devices is if they access some service, Google has a service they can access, and uses this service to count them, how else do you expect them to do it?I wonder how Apple counts their numbers??Oh wow, they count them exactly the same way, fancy that.Also, AI...
Why do you think there is so many Android devices that don't connect to the Play Store?
What's the $20 credit limit?
What has you posting something false got to do with anyone believing anything about Apple, you posted the false information, not AppleWell if you made it up, of course I wouldn't believe you, but since Apple has done it, and there is actually documented proof of it, why wouldn't I believe you. But that has nothing to do with what you claimed. Apple said originally they were going to Facetime made an Open Standard, there is nothing to prove they have done this, and in...
You stated "Apple released the protocols", I asked for details of them releasing it, because if they have released them then surely other companies could support them, as it would be standardised? You came back when I questioned the Wikipedia link you gave withI would love to believe you, but can you point out exactly where it says Apple has released it, and it is available for others to implement?Nope, read the whole thing, I can't see where they have actually released them
No, that doesn't confirm anything, just talks about it
That just says that they are using standard based technologies. But it doesn't confirmed that have released any of those specs to enable anyone else to implement it.
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