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Now I know you are trying to abuse Windows, but since the vast majority of people can understand Windows 8/8.1 split screen in seconds, this might not be the example you want to use.
Can you name some of these Android phones which are "feature phones" or "dumb phones"?Thanks
What are you using as a basis for your claim?What are you using as a basis for your claim?
Compression does not mean lossy, DTS-HDMA, and TrueHD are both compressed, and lossless, and there is nothing wrong with compression. LPCM is uncompressed on a Blu-ray. The streaming video providers, and iTunes also provide lower bitrate videos/audio which reduce the overall size.
Lossless, DTS-HDMA is still compressed
You do realise there is a massive difference between the movie you get from iTunes, and from a Blu-ray? You can't directly compare them
You do on average 8 posts a year, and that's all you can come up with? How about you come up with a real reason.
It isn't a myth that OSX needs 8GB, you would be mad to purchase one with only 4Gb. I have Safari with a few tabs open, and iTunes open, my MBP is using 7GB RAM, good job pretending you can do "heavy duty design work" on 4GB without significant swapping
I believe they are going for Universal apps, so this is going to be the tablet version of their OS
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