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That's what I was trying to say, there are millions of people that are happy paying for a device that has a long life, they are happy that the price of said device decreases as time goes on, a new PS3 costs half of what it did at release time, and I can still play Uncharted 3 on both the first and the last models. And how do you know what Sony's roadmap is? What is it ok for Apple to held these things secret, but not Sony?But I don't want to have to replace my iPad every...
Qualcomm does not own all the CDMA patents, a vast number of companies own CDMA based patents
You know there are a lot of people (millions in fact) that don't want to have to purchase a new console every year, they like the fact that any PS3 game made will run on their PS3 purchased at any time
Mine is over 1TB
I've been through this with you guys tonnes of times, I'm sick of it. I find iTunes crap. There is nothing wrong with my Mac other than it being over 6 months old. If you have a number of items in your library it slows down a lot, and it has been getting slower and slower for the last number of releases, version 7 and 8 were ok, 9 started going downhill.I don't own any iOS devices, I'll have to take your word on it.That's your opinion, you are welcome to it, but I...
So if they had a seperate app for syncing they would only need to update it, not the entire iTunes apps
How did the OS on the phone alter the hardware quality of the phone?
I find it slow,I find it locks my Mac up quite a lot, I find it heavy, there is too many functions in the one App, I think they should have continued on the iTunes for media, iSync for syncing route. One example is, why do they release a whole new copy of iTunes for a new iPod, why?
Please explain...
The concept of iTunes is wonderful, the implementation leaves a lot to be desired.
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