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ok, so I will ask you again, when did they become the worlds largest company? Market size $ <> largest company $
When did they become the world's largest company? I thought they became the public company with the largest market cap?
All of which takes time to do, Apple can't immediately benefit from their share price, and as you have said, it they did it would discount their current shares, it is just a value placed on it by the share holders.
Not by Apple it can't be, they don't own it, the shareholders do.
The richest company in the world? Who would that be? Hopefully you aren't confusing Apple's market value with something they can actually use?
As I have said, I haven't seen anyone post this so called information, if you have it, and you are willing to claim it exists please post the links to it. Also Enron was a US based company, US law doesn't stand around the world.
Did their quarterly results fully document their confidential negotiations with Nokia that lead up to the law suit?
Where are they? No one has ever posted these "facts" you claim, if they exist why don't you post them. Or are you trying to use Apples documents as proof, if so, you are wrong, they are not proof. And what do you mean by "Back at itÂ…", do you have an issue with people questioning false claims?
Please explain? Are you trying to refer to me? If so, I'm afraid you are wrong, I purchase devices from a number of manufacturers, I choose the ones that perform the task I want, weather it be from Apple, Sony, Samsung, whomever...
Daniel is a terrible writer, he is so one eyed he may as well be a cyclops.
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