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Read the thread in order, I was responding to others insults, something they constantly do under a false name, and something that is totally ignored by the moderators. If you not will willing to re-read the thread and see that, I can't help you I'm afraid.I'll try and help you, I didn't start it.
What? You quote out of context to claim what point? The quote was in response to someone insulting me, which for some reason you choose to ignore, you are welcome to explain your reasons.
Actually you are responding to me, if you weren't you would have created a new message. Since you are the one that is now performing the name calling, I don't think I have won, I know I have. You made a mistake, you were corrected, get over it.
Ok, you are thanking him, now I know why you are running away from your weak argument.
Just come off it? Pardon? If you are going to make a claim please at least have the balls to stand up to the claim rather than back down.
You have promised over and over again to ignore me, what is your problem? why the continued lies? You constantly abuse people on this site at every opportunity you get, get over yourself or seek the medical help you desperatly require.Once again you have put in rubbish that no one, not even me has said, or implied, it is just one lie after another with you
Are you trying to imply that Android based phones don't have physical buttons?
Really? You used the word "every", I didn't see that mentioned one bit in the image you linked to
Only if they give it a 50% price discount as well
It doesn't matter what my native language is, it appears to be you having trouble with English.
New Posts  All Forums: