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Wasn't that a DED image, he likes to rewrite history, there are a lot of devices missing from it
How is this any different to Apple? they took and idea, and added a few features to it, removed a heap more.
it is always the carrier "giving them away", for all fully subsidised phones
I'm not sure you know what you want, Apples download movies have DRM
Are they? If that is the case they must have no interest in digital downloads, it is cheaper for me, and I get a higher quality product to get a disc sent half way around the world than get a digital download locally.. And what's with the name calling, usually a sign of someone that has no argument...
Really? Blade Runner (terrible movie by the way) is only NZ$17.99 (AUD$14) in the NZ iTunes store, you can buy it on Blu-ray for a similar price.
Really? Maybe you should have a look at the price of a movie from Apple, there is something that is overpriced.
Why is it bad that Ultraviolet has DRM, but Apples videos having DRM isn't?
Hi, can you please post the proof of this? Thanks
Maybe you should go back through he thread and read the messages replying to the person who said they had issues. Your reply is another example
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