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Repeated a rumor with substance is as good as a lie. It has never been proved and shouldn't be repeated without proof. You have no proof to your claims either, without pure fact you are just repeating the lie.
Rubbish. There are many items available that look similar to each other. It will only be real stupid people that get confused, or sales people that misrepresent the items. It is has been misrepesented, take it back and get your money back. If you are stupid, that is your problem.
You are the one making yourself look foolish. Provide proof of your claims or stop posting these lies
Actually the original iPhone was release to countries with a combined population of some 600 million people. And like I said, it didn't take off until it added some standard smartphone features
ahhh yes, the usual AI reponse, when proved wrong you start attacking people.
But they aren't... Apple took 19.1% of sales, which mean 80.9% of people purchased something different.
What is your point? Nokia was selling smartphones in 2002, smartphones that you could install 3rd party apps on, multitask etc.
I would like to think that Apple cares about sales, after all I believe that is how they make money.What?
I will also ask you, what does your response have to do with the claim that the original iPhone was so much better than existing smartphones available at its release? I will give you a clue, nothing...
Actually, the original iPhone wasn't a large success outside the USA, it needed a number of improvements before it was successful.
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