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When did they start doing that? when I saw The Who a couple of years ago it was around 50 euro
late 2010 I believe
Digital Music? Digital Music existed for many years before Apple got into that game And you might want to rethink your list, there was a lot of people that invented a lot of stuff that Jobs used as a basis for "his" inventions
Yes, I understand development, and concept of multitouch is very old, but I don't recall anyone implementing it it a mobile device prior to Apple. And yes, I agree, it should be a standard.
I think you are using the wrong metric to prove your point
Yes, but try not to forget the processes involved in making modern electronic devices.
Multitouch would be the only one there, everything else has existed on a phone prior to an iPhone
And a full slide out keyboard
We are a smaller site, according to the system montoring tools we have 580 machines on the network, so around 500 of them would have montors attached, and probably 450 actively used.
Nothing wrong with my network connection, I can stream 1080 movies from my Mac to PS3 without issue, just the Apple TV that has issues. And the current AppleTV isn't $99, it is $170, stop assuming everyone here lives in the USA. And my message stated ATV1, you know the original one, I have had it for well over a year, don't like my chances of returning it now, hence why I won't spend $170 to purchase the new one when I think the old one isn't that great. And of course...
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