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The ATV1 is crap, it is slow, it loses sync to iTunes constantly, it packs a wobbly with the video format (including videos from Apple) constantly, it is slow, Apple has stopped updating it, it is slow. It is like they want you to purchase the ATV2, but based on the poor performance of the ATV1, I'm not willing to waste my money on the ATV2. And did I mention it is slow?
Yes, describing them like that would be better, but if someone said PC to me, I would think they are talking about a desktop machine
I would swap out 1 to 2 dead (LCD) monitors a week, some would be over 5 years old, some would be just out of warranty
Why does the OS need to talk to Exchange? Surely that is an application concern?Shooting the cost right up when you have to then purchase a Windows licenceShooting the cost right yp when you have to then purchase a Windows licence (and VMWare or Parallels)Depending on your Citrix environment it can be a pain to use.I don't turn off my work PC, why should booting time be a concern?Doesn't that tool only support OSX and iOS clients? Does that mean you need to purchase...
We don't need any excuse, it is simple, the iPad is a computer, the iPad isn't a PC. Just like a truck is a vehicle, but a truck isn't a car. They are categories of devices, simply concept.
Symantec Altiris (Deployment Server) supports Windows, OS X, and Linux clients for deployment of software, and (I believe for the Mac) imaging.
The MS RDP client for OS X is missing several features, one being being the TS Gateway support.
I haven't missed any point. I don't have any 8-tracks, sorry, not that old, and I threw all my cassettes out. But I don't require much room to store 500 movies, if you actually owned that much you would realise that yourself. But it is my house, I can store what I like it it, and I prefer the quality that a blu-ray gives me over what is available via digital download. Now in saying that, what do you store your digital downloads on? If you have a few you would either...
Actually both are correct, both companies make children's toys
Drains power? If you are concerned about that, I hope you leave your computer powered off at all times as everything it does drains power. Gets damaged? Take better care of you things, I have over 500 movies on "physical media", none have been damaged Quality? Oh, I see you are taking the piss, are you trying to compare the quality of iTunes downloads to a Blu-ray movie? Yeah, I class DD as high quality as well...
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