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oh course, there are two ways to look at this, from a shareholders point of view, the financials are important, from a consumers point of view you are being massively over charged.
They were right, the iPhone received major changes by Apple before it really took off in Europe.
Yip, post #224. But judging this post you just made, you are starting to confuse topics, if you need help you can click back through the thread. For example, what has Packards political affiliations, or Bill Gates personal life got to do with Xerox releasing the Star before Apple released the Lisa?
Where have I ever said anything about boycotting anything? You seem to be very mistaken on a number of topics.
If you are talking the truth, can you get one of your grandkids to show you how to go back through the thread so you can read what you posted. That is the rubbish I refer to.
It is obvious that you don't want to listen to truth, if that is the way you want to go, fine.
The ATV 2 is NZ$170
What? I don't care what you believe, I know I am telling the truth, and I know you are just a fool hiding behind a pseudonym, spouting rubbish. Have fun with this, hopefully when you hit your teenage years you get better at it.
Why do you continue to make things up to defend your position? Jobs signed court documents to say the kid couldn't be his. This is a fact, I fact that I really care about, but it is still a fact, an important fact as it proves you wrong.
The PS3 is a lot faster than the ATV. I would try an ATV2, not sure if I want to slap down another $200 after the poor experience with the ATVI used Medialink, worked fine. Well except for Apples proprietary DRM digital download format, but I prefer to purchase/rent my movies in a format where I can play them on equipment available from a number of different manufacturers.
New Posts  All Forums: