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What are you talking about. Someone made a false claim, I proved them wrong, and you have issue with that?
What does your response have to do with the claim that the original iPhone was so much better than existing smartphones available at its release? I will give you a clue, nothing...
Better? The original iPhone was missing basic functionality that was standard on pre-existing smartphones, and has taken them until now to implement some of them.
Which is still smaller (and will be more expensive) than the current iPod Classic. And you must know the rule when you assume things?
Apple doesn't split their sales numbers, they will do this for a reason, because the majority of the sales will be for the cheaper models. As for cancelling the Classic, what would they replace it with? The 64GB touch is NZ$663, the Classic is nz$439, so I have to spend 50% more to get under half the storage?
You mean like the original iPhone wasn't a smartphone because it couldn't do some basic functions that other smart phones had done for years? Like video, MMS, apps and multitasking. You are welcome to live in your dream world, but that phone will browse the web, will let you install native apps, has native mail support etc etc etc, it has as much right be called a smartphone as other things being sold.
So are you the one who defines what a smart phone is? That's right, you don't. Have you ever thought that model phone might have been for a market that didn't need either of those?
Maybe in the US, but in a lot of other places they won't
Once again, enough of this stupid claims. Either produce proof of your lies, or stop posting the same stupid rubbish over and over again.
Really? What about the ones that are on sale now?
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