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You're an Australian, living in Australia, they are commenting on a product that is only available in the USA, what does it matter to you?
What do you mean by pure digital? My Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs are all digitalMay I ask how you store your downloads now? Are they not on a physical media of some kind?
Isn't this just counting the apps sold through an app store? it is missing all the corporate developed apps etc which make up the $9 billion mobile app market
No, like Ireland
Apple also uses low tax countrys to pay less tax, what is your point?
I thought the purpose of GUI guidelines were so the user had a consistant experience across applications, or would you rather them design something that looked strange in OSX?
You only included the image after I pointed out your original mistake.
Yes I did say that, I didn't deny that. Intel can have every intention they want to sell a cellphone based processor, they have to be able to make them first.
And you would still be trying to mislead people. like I said, what is your issue with numbers?
From an article in Reuters:"Nokia has been left in the dust by high-end competitors such as Apple and Google and is now also suffering a drop in sales of its stronghold of traditional phones as Chinese manufacturers muscle in to take advantage of the growing market."link:http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/...70Q2ON20110127
New Posts  All Forums: