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Maybe in the US, but in a lot of other places they won't
Once again, enough of this stupid claims. Either produce proof of your lies, or stop posting the same stupid rubbish over and over again.
Really? What about the ones that are on sale now?
If we go over the 45GB it is down to 64/32k, or NZ$30 to get another one time increase of 45GB. But we do use that connection for more things then just wanting on Apple to release something. We also have another 4GB to download X-Code, plus all the Steam games waiting to download...
It's not a deal to me, I intend to download, and make copies of the installer, I don't want to be reliant on having a internet connection to reload my computer. And to let you know, I've had more USB sticks fail than DVD's. And I don't care how people want to get their copy, download, USB stick what ever. I just don't like wildy incorrect statements like the internet being more reliable
Apple are the first to moan if someone doesn't follow the Mac development ideas, their PC apps need to be developed properly
The number one application that crashes my Mac is iTunes, I am hoping 10.4 is better, but not holding my breath.
Nope, all the Apple software on Windows is horrible, the worst of the bunch is Safari
Rubbish. If you take care of a pressed CD they will last a lifetime, but the Internet is reliant on so many external factors, and in the cases of some countries, a single cable linking you to the outside world...
While it is getting slight better, NZ$100 for phone and 45GB data
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