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Why do you continue to make things up to defend your position? Jobs signed court documents to say the kid couldn't be his. This is a fact, I fact that I really care about, but it is still a fact, an important fact as it proves you wrong.
The PS3 is a lot faster than the ATV. I would try an ATV2, not sure if I want to slap down another $200 after the poor experience with the ATVI used Medialink, worked fine. Well except for Apples proprietary DRM digital download format, but I prefer to purchase/rent my movies in a format where I can play them on equipment available from a number of different manufacturers.
Who said I hate Apple? Wasn't me, I am a happy owner of a number of Apple products. Oh wait, it was you claiming I hated them as you have no argument and that's how things are done on AI. I don't hate Apple, I just don't "love" them like you. They are just a company, I company that is just like every other company around, trying to make as much money as they can.
Is the fact that he originally claimed she wasn't his, her mother raise her on welfare, and he signed court documents claiming it couldn't be as he was sterile doesn't enter into equation? Or is the happy ending enough to wipe all this from memory?
No it isn't, they are just as bad as each other. The ATV menu is inconsistent, and confusing.
The abuse you throw at the other user while you claimed they were wrong, when it was actually you that was wrong. And what gossip? The documented proof, or the stuff you are saying?
Like I said in my last post, the Xerox Star was a commercial product, and predated the Lisa.Nice speech, pity you were wrong. There were, and I have used phone based web browsers prior to the iPhone, not WAP based ones.Why should they, there is existing proof that they didn't.
The Xerox Star was a commercial product, and was release prior to the Lisa.What good is it if you are the first to release a product that no one can use. The iPod took off once the Windows version of iTunes was released.No I don't know what he means. He is the only one that knows what he means, but what he said was wrong. Plus Apple is for DRM, they push it for their own products.I know what the real internet is, but do you? I was using the "Real" internet on phones and...
Why should we forgot Xerox product? Is that because they released a GUI computer before Apple?That would only connect to 2% of the computers at the time...Digital music was available DRM free for years before Apple started the ITMS, or are you confusing Digital Music with digital downloads?What about all those phones with internet abilities before the iPhone, are we meant to forget they existed?Hmm, again, tablet computers were available for years before the iPAD, and...
Maybe you might want to check your knowledge before abusing others...http://money.cnn.com/2008/03/02/news...une/index2.htm
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