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A number of people have corrected you (including me now as I have two USB 3 devices on my desk), but you still haven't acknowledged this?
There is no need to miss them, Datamax-O'Neil label printers still come with them
Apple doesn't loose money because they have it plently tightened up. Please remember there is a difference between loose and lose, especially when you want to question someone making sense...
I'm not talking about Windows, all of my iTunes complaints are on a Mac
You have a tiny collection. I believe I have a small collection, especially with Apples Digital Download dreams. I have a small 30GB music (3225 songs), 371GB movie (225 movies), 224GB TV (125 shows), 18GB Audiobooks (about 73), plus iTunes U stuff, and Podcasts. It crashes constantly, it has constant beachballs (in 2011??), and as others have said, plus the funny window behaviour, and button layout
What has their share of non Symbian phones got to do with the number of available Symbian Applications?
I haven't used the Zune software so you will have to explain this for me. Now, I know iTunes is a horrrible application, it is the Application I have the most issues with, it must be an embarrassment for Apple. By terrible clone, do you mean it works well, or it is (if possible) worse than iTunes?
Not really, they will be using DLNA to do that, I can do that with my phone at the moment, a lot of new TVs have DLNA support built in.
Where do you get the free Android phones from? All the ones I have seen are tied to expensive contracts, that's not free.
Just released? The DSi XL has been out for at least a year now
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