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That's not what I said and you know it. Intel may have had the intention, but they don't have a chip, and won't have a chip for years to come that will go in a cellphone
Excellent, it is good to see you finally admit you were wrong.
It is simply, you claimed Nokia was spending some $4 billion on software R&D alone. I said, and provided proof, no, you are wrong, that figure also includes NSN.It is simple, the figure you provided was wrong. Even the chart you provided proved you were wrong.
No, I was proving that the figure you produced was wrong. And if you recall you were wrong, NSN was used as an example to prove you were wrong, which it did. Long story short, you were wrong.
But managed by and the financials are reported back into Nokia.
I'm not confused at all, you will find that was CarniphageThe magic bit being "phone division", not NSN, not Navteq, but "phone division". You referred to Nokia making products, but you didn't restrict the original comment to "phone division".Your elitism is showing a little bit too much. Yes they have an excessive amount of devices, but try and remember where a lot of these are being marketed to, they need to be low cost, so they will have three versions for different...
None, what is your point? It was provided as proof of your mistake, and it worked a treat.
Yes it is a joint company but the figures report back into Nokia, go to the Nokia investor site and you will see this for yourself, you will also see the split of R&D by division. And as for differences, NSN is the major difference. Also Nokia has a strong interest in low cost devices, and the infrastructure around them, something Apple has no interest in.
I think you still are confusing the handset division of Nokia with their other divisions. You can think what you like about the handset division, but don't forget that divisions like NSN are nothing like anything Apple does, you can't use the consolidated R&D figures to compare the two companies, it is no different than comparing the R&D figures of McDonalds with Apple.
Again, another long story short, you made a claim, I proved you wrong, you are now upset. Nokia's R&D may be high, but that doesn't excuse you from constanting incorrectly stating what it is, and what it is spent on. We know you hate Nokia, but the constant lies and incorrect information you post doesn't help your cause. Also remember, a large part of that $4 billion is spent in NSN, there isn't a direct relationship between NSN R&D and devices R&D
New Posts  All Forums: