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Because they live in an area that has poor infrastructure?
Wouldn't it just mean they would just need to add support for the T-Mobile frequency, like other manufacturers currently do?
It wasn't always like that around here, the attitude started in 2007
And the proof of this claim is where?
So Disney couldn't sell their terrible games in one market, so they will move their terrible games to another market. All that seems to say is they hope the iOS customers are more willing to purchase terrible games
Well judging the adverts I see, there must be a huge difference between them all, you have unsubsidised phones going from NZ$250 to over NZ$1000, all with slightly different interfaces. Not that I have used them as I have no intention of personally owning a HTC phone, but they have their own interface on them, same with Samsung etc.I have a cheap Android phone (cheap as in full unsubsided price, not cheap with contact) as I have better things to spend my money on an...
So, you don't want to back up your statement, just want to start some insults and walk away, if that is the way you want to lose a discussion a discussion, fine by me...
So she uses your phone to load google maps, which is exactly the same as google maps on the android phones?
So you have used "a lot" of android devices to be able to prove this statement? How about you provide a summary of all those Android devices that are "a painful chore to use"?
I'm sorry, what I said wasn't nonsense, I was responding to the nonsense of others here.
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