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Why is it bad that Ultraviolet has DRM, but Apples videos having DRM isn't?
Hi, can you please post the proof of this? Thanks
Maybe you should go back through he thread and read the messages replying to the person who said they had issues. Your reply is another example
Wow, what did they do to your mother to make you so mad? Don't worry though, I just got a new samsung monitor and printer and plugged for my Macs to make people like you happy...
I understand this, my issue is with the others that don't understand that even Apple has product failures.
I can buy anything I want. I don't have to answer to you, or any of the others that don't seem to understand that products fail, including Apples.
Can you explain what you mean, I wasn't comparing NZ to whatever you think I was.
Neither. Steve Jobs was an indirect shareholder through his Disney shares, Disney owned Miramax and they sold it last year.
Since we are talking about movies, the majority of them would have been on film, so will be recording in excess of 1080
You always claim this, but never post anything proving it, why?
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