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While it is getting slight better, NZ$100 for phone and 45GB data
No, she had a Motorola Backflip phone, that runs Android, a major difference from what you claimed. You can't get an "android phone"
Apple sells more than one model iPhone, or are you not explaining yourself clearly enough?
I think you mean Apple refusing to support GPU acceleration on older Macs
If you are trying to make a joke, at least make it funny. My PCs from 2009 and are going just as well as my Macs from 2009, my iMac from 2007 is in worse condition than my 2005 PC
I'm pretty sure a PC from 2009 would be the same age as an iMac from 2009. And don't forget, Apple is still selling the Mac Mini using C2D chips.
A single iOS component? Please explain
Don't confuse the US iTunes store with the rest of the world.
Not in most countries from the iTunes store.
But Apple doesn't make any of these cables, so what would that have to do with anything?
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