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Did they? All the reports refer to VodafoneNZ, not Sony. Even the page you linked to says it was Vodafone that made it up
That's what I was going to say, I've never had to do any of what he claims with my Canon, but the Epson needs constant work to get it to print
Ha ha ha, you said good games from EA, and made a claim the they are top publisher. EA are the last place I would look to get a good game
Please elaborate
The iPhone is not a portable gaming device, it is a smartphone that allows you to play games.
ok melgross, I hope you have that keyboard warmed up. Joindup, if I go to the apple site, I see three phones listed, since Apple doesn't split sales by model, which one is the seller?
Come on Melgross, get ready to start your defending. What is missing from Symbian that doesn't put it in the same category as iOS and Android?
The only thing I am denying is the lies you are making up. It isn't that hard to go back through the thread and see you are wrong. But then again, that would prove you wrong, so I understand you wouldn't want to do that.
Excuse me? I thought you claimed you read all the posts? If you had you would know that I didn't start anything.
Yes I have, and I know what I have written, I can go back and read it again, I wrote what I wrote, not what you are trying to make out I wrote.That's rubbish and you know it is. I have questioned anyone making an incorrect claim, is that my fault that a lot of people tend to do that on Appleinsider? This site has really gone downhill over the last couple of years, it used to be a good place to come to get information, now it is just full of the "Apple can do no wrong"...
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