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Nope, I don't, on a 30GB monthly internet plan I can't really waste it on torrents... Rentals from iTunes are a lot more expensive than my local video store, they are lower quality, and have poorer sound. And if I purchase movies, I can get them cheaper locally, or from Amazon than I can from Apple.
You seemed to be confused between the OS of the phone, and the hardware of the phone. Just because it is an Android device doesn't meant it will have more hardware issues.
iLink is firewire, as a technology it was far from a failure. Who said anything about consumer beta, only Beta was mentioned, and Beta was a huge success. And Atrac is a codec, not DRM
I'm not sure what you are trying to say Beta was very successful, as was iLink, and Blu-ray. And can you list the Sony DRM that you are concerned with? Plus, can you tell me why Sony creating their own items is bad, but Apple doing the same is good?
While I give you credit for having a loving room, may I ask what you plug your speakers into now you have got rid of your stereo?
Nope, why over pay for a TV just to over pay for some movies?
Without even reading the article, I don't think Gassée is someone I would take advice from, especially with his history.
Again, you are just lieing, pure and simple. Nothing you have just said is true, no matter how much you want it to be. You are one eyed, the above is a great example of it. Everytime someone says something against Apple, or depends another company you are down on them like a tonne of bricks. Like I said, start acting like a moderator, not the grumpy old man you make yourself out to me.
You are meant to be a moderator, why don't you start acting like one. You constantly make things up, your above post is proof of this. I have told you before, and I will tell you again, I don't use a Nokia phone, and I haven't been using one for quite some time now. I have a work WM6.5 phone, and I hate it, which doesn't give me confidence in WM7, but I have never used 7, so can't comment about it. Now the reason I defended Symbian is pure and simple, the amount of...
In a lot of markets the subscriber owns the DSL modem, it would be a waste of money to rent one, they are dirt cheap. And who cares about what the service provider wants on their setup, that's why you set them up when you get them. It makes sense for Apple to release a unit with built in dsl modem.
New Posts  All Forums: