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In a lot of markets the subscriber owns the DSL modem, it would be a waste of money to rent one, they are dirt cheap. And who cares about what the service provider wants on their setup, that's why you set them up when you get them. It makes sense for Apple to release a unit with built in dsl modem.
10 posts? since anyone can see the history, why don't you start telling the truth? And actually most people don't care about your post full stop.You mean like you are here to "troll" about Apple? Everyone remember the Appleinsider rules, if you disagree with Apple, you are a troll, if you disagree with anyone on this site, you are a troll.
Not it wasn't. he was just trying to create noise (just like you are now) to hide from fact that he was wrong to start with.
Good old Melgross, nice to see you are still as predictable as ever. Hope you don't hurt your neck with your backtracking...
Provide proof of this claim
Was it?
As you were not the person who said it, you can only infer that as well. At the end of the day, Apple is paying Nokia to use their patents.
No it wasn't. He implied that Apple's patents were more important than Nokia's, which clearly they are not.
Nokia cross licences their patents with lots of companies, what is your point?
Hmm, did your mother never tell you that you should not judge books by their covers?
New Posts  All Forums: