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Why is the fact that someone has had an Apple product fail an issue for you? I have had 50% of my Macs have serious hardware failures, one required three repair trips to fix. I know plenty of other people of other people that have had Apple products fail, it is very possible, just because it hasn't happened to you, doesn't mean it hasn't happened to someone else.
NZ does not have a 3rd world Telecom system, it is much better than 3rd world. Labour was the one that allowed Telecom to become a monopoly, they were the ones that made the laws around the sale, not sure why you are trying to blame National for this. The old post office was over weight government department, it needed to be trimmed down, maybe Telecom took it too far. And as for government intervention, remember the NZ Government forced Telecom to sell their GSM licence...
I totally agree, it isn't a hassle if you only load it the once, but as I mentioned, I find iTunes extremely buggy, it would be the number one application that crashes my Mac
One Mac (3 GB RAM) getting the data from a Gb attached NAS, the other (8GB RAM) locally of a 7200rpm HDD.Neither of them are new (over a year old), iTunes takes well over 20 seconds to load on either one, nothing wrong with the content, both have new iTunes libraries as well. And something wrong with both Macs? That would make them quite unreliable, wouldn't make me that confident in getting another Mac...Sorry, slip of the shift key, TB
290 gig of what? my iTunes library is around 1 Tb of music/video, iTunes is slow to load, slow to do anything, and crashes all the time. It does this on my iMac, on my Macbook, it did it on Leopard, it did it SL, it does it on Lion, it has done it on multiple versions of iTunes for a while now. iTunes should be an embarrassment for Apple.
Pardon? This is iTunes we are talking about, the worst bug ridden application I have installed on my Macs
No necessarily, they sell it in other markets providing not much more than iTunes streaming
I thought that was quite assuming when I read it yesterday, it reads like they are suing out of fear rather than any technical reasons
No they didn't. Nokia has too many staff, they have for years, while it is terrible they are losing their jobs, most of these people were providing no benefit to the company
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