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Provide proof of this claim
Was it?
As you were not the person who said it, you can only infer that as well. At the end of the day, Apple is paying Nokia to use their patents.
No it wasn't. He implied that Apple's patents were more important than Nokia's, which clearly they are not.
Nokia cross licences their patents with lots of companies, what is your point?
Hmm, did your mother never tell you that you should not judge books by their covers?
That's funny, because the copy of Windows 7 I got came with a DVD
What about the negative effect on the environment in producing all the electricity needed for the download method?
The reason they were hacked is because there are a lot of tossers in the world. The amount of people that purchased the PS3 to install Linux is very small, next to nothing. If these people wanted to continue running Linux on it, they had the option, the didn't have to install the update which got rid of it. The Other OS feature wasn't advertised as a big feature, in fact due to the large number of extra features they provided us over the years it didn't worry me one bit...
Plus NZ$1700 flight, plus accommodation....No thanks
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