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Considering how low tech the Wii is in console terms, is it the best thing to compare things to?
Actually if you had bothered to read, you would have seen that I replied to a poster, not the article, but of course you pulled the "troll" bomb, the standard AI reponse to anyone that disagrees with you.
Sorry, your post was a bad as the original, so I just assumed it was you.
So what you are saying is, this is another waste of time Daniel article?
Still posting the same rubbish you always do I see.
What I understand is, you tried to make a joke, and failed brilliantly, does that it sum it up?
The same time as the PS3 was released I believe, around Nov 2006, I've had a PSN account since around July 2007. The PS3 has supported a digital download market since then, it came to the PSP a few years later I believe. If I purchase a PS3 game via the PSN market I can download it to all of my PS3s
How is this any different than purchasing a game from PSN? I can purchase the game once and download it multiple times on my various PSPs, or PS3s
Not really, can you please explain what you are trying to say?
I don't own an iPad so you will have to answer this for me, are the $10 games really as long, and as complex, and as higher quality as the console games? That demo of Real Racing 2 looks very nice for a portable game, but it doesn't look anywhere as nice as GT 5. And the likes of "Contract Killer", is it to the same level as Call of Duty? These games look more like the level of the PSN minis that the LBP, Drakes Fortune etc type games. But if that is what people want, that...
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