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A single iOS component? Please explain
Don't confuse the US iTunes store with the rest of the world.
Not in most countries from the iTunes store.
But Apple doesn't make any of these cables, so what would that have to do with anything?
I believe the word you are trying to use is "loser"
Nope, I don't, on a 30GB monthly internet plan I can't really waste it on torrents... Rentals from iTunes are a lot more expensive than my local video store, they are lower quality, and have poorer sound. And if I purchase movies, I can get them cheaper locally, or from Amazon than I can from Apple.
You seemed to be confused between the OS of the phone, and the hardware of the phone. Just because it is an Android device doesn't meant it will have more hardware issues.
iLink is firewire, as a technology it was far from a failure. Who said anything about consumer beta, only Beta was mentioned, and Beta was a huge success. And Atrac is a codec, not DRM
I'm not sure what you are trying to say Beta was very successful, as was iLink, and Blu-ray. And can you list the Sony DRM that you are concerned with? Plus, can you tell me why Sony creating their own items is bad, but Apple doing the same is good?
While I give you credit for having a loving room, may I ask what you plug your speakers into now you have got rid of your stereo?
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