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Where do you get the free Android phones from? All the ones I have seen are tied to expensive contracts, that's not free.
Just released? The DSi XL has been out for at least a year now
What's wrong with the concept that they would consider doing both, like other phone manufacturers have done?
Do you? I don't get many update requests at all on VIsta Ultimate.No, it is a pity that people have an issue understanding that OSX is release with bugs in it.
You don't have to do this in Vista either, what are you trying to say?But you do need service packs for OSX, what do people think these OS updates are?Yes they do
How is it any more harassing than the updates OS X wants to install? If you don't want to see the updates, turn off the automatic update function/Why? Are you embarssed that OS X needs fixes applied to it? Get over it, OS X isn't perfect.No, it implies that MS provides a discount to a customer that purchases a large number of their products, I think you will find that all companies do this for their customers.
There has been a large number of bugs in SL, Leopard, Tiger which took a few service paks to resolve, don't try and claim Apple is any different.Now, Vista Ultimate might have been that price, but who actually purchases a full copy? the vast majority of people will get it as an upgrade, or OEM copy. I have a Dell Optiplex 960, it came with Vista Ultimate 64 on it, I only paid NZ$700 for the PC including the Windows licence
What? Proving you were wrong? If you can't accept a simple fact that you were wong, then I don't really care. Get over it.
Provide proof of these claims, naming Apple as the proof isn't valid.
Which links back to post #122, which links back to post #105 in which I reply to alandail. You replied to me, which proves that you're either wrong or lying .... your choice.
New Posts  All Forums: